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15 Pretty Little Charms for Ladies

Looking for gifts for ladies? At the onset, there are lots of things that would make nice gifts for women, but as you search, the sheer number of these things to choose from becomes more and more daunting. One thing I know though, most women love little trinkets. Take for instance my mom and some of my girl friends, they love charms.

So I’ve been searching around looking for pretty, unique, and affordable charms for these ladies. I like the idea of giving my mom as well as friends one charm in every special day. This might also point you to the right direction if you are looking for gift ideas for girls. All items I picked are on the below $25 price bracket, you don’t even have to wait for Black Friday sale to grab these since they are pretty much affordable. Lol! I know I’m generous but I’m also mindful of the budget. But still these look pretty enough and not even cheap looking..

Fossil Charm – Envelope – $22 @ Macy’s

Amore La Vita™ Red Lipstick Charm in Sterling Silver – $22 @ Zales

Amore La Vita™ Chopsticks Charm in Gold-Plated Sterling Silver – $20 @ Zales

Fossil Compass Charm – $24 @ Amazon

Amore La Vita™ Purple Vacuum Charm in Sterling Silver – $23.80 @ GordonJewelers

Fossil Lock and Key Charm – $24 @ Fossil

Amore La Vita™ Perfume Bottle Charm in Sterling Silver – $13.60 @ Zales

Fossil Love Cluster Charm – $18 @ Amazon

Fossil Bird Cage Charm – $24 @ Amazon

Amore La Vita™ Cocktail Glass Charm with Red Crystals in Sterling Silver – $10.20 @ GordonJewelers

Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Wedding Rings Charm – $20 @ Macy’s

Fossil Suitcase Charm $24 @ Amazon

Fossil Bird House Charm $24 @ Fossil

Amore La Vita™ Pink Hot Air Balloon Charm in Sterling Silver- $22.95 @ GordonsJewelers

Amore La Vita™ Red Strawberry Charm in Sterling Silver – $22.95 @ Zales

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