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2 Favorite FREE Desktop Photo Editor with Filters

I’m a Photoshop and Illustrator geek. I’m a graphic designer on the side afterall, so that is handsdown my ‘to-go-to’ tool when it comes to designing and serious photo editing.

BUT there are really those days you just want to do some quick editing and don’t want to load PS on my computer. That’s especially true when I’m posting a lot of blogs and need to quickly edit pics. I know I could batch process on PS, but it can be a hassle at times.

Another con for PS or Illustrator is that it has a steep learning curve and some who just want to get basic edits on their pics don’t want to be bothered.

So I’m sharing 2 of my favorite free desktop (on Mac and Windows) Photo Editors. An added bonus to these editor: FILTERS! Yes, if you’re into those effects and have your photos with instagram feel, then check these out. They come with a lots of features like batch processing, tilt shift effects, collages. The other one even allows text, doodles and sticker add ons to make your pics more cutesy and personal.

1. FOTOR (Mac/Windows) – love this since its lightweight and quick to run. My go to app and software for quick collages and very minor edits.

Free Desktop Photo Editing with Filters

2. PIXLR (Mac/Windows) – loads and loads of customization. And Filters. One can only get editing happy with this with only just a few clicks.

Free Desktop Photo Editor with Filters

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