Moving and A Little Blimp

I’ve been thinking about moving a few of my blogs to another host and server, mainly because I don’t want all my blogs to be using a single shared IP addresss (for blog earning purposes hahaha). I upgraded my old hosting account and got a dedicated IP address, meaning only my blogs would be exclusively […]

I Want a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Seriously. I have never drooled much over a mobile something in my life. Hahaha.. I hesitate to call this just a smartphone. I also cannot just label it just as a tablet. So its a hybrid of some sort. What I like about it is that it brings both worlds, the advantages of using a […]

Sony Splits From Ericsson

I’m sad here. I love my Sony Ericsson mobile phones. I know while everyone is clamoring for smartphones and all, I’m stuck with my two good old Sony Ericsson phones. It’s by choice and I couldn’t bear to be parted with it. For some reason, I love my Sony Ericsson phones a whole lot. Perhaps […]

Obsessed with Facebook – Infographic

I love checking out infographics. They do have some really interesting findings and info, hahaha at least a lot more interesting than looking for leather chair repair that I should be doing right now. But that can wait. Here’s what I saw that got me interested. We’re pretty much hooked on Facebook albeit on varying […]

‘If I Die’ Facebook App

I know this sounds kind of morbid, but I just can’t help but marvel at the ingenious apps that are launched here and there. I personally get so dizzy with the sheer number of apps on Facebook, but this one’s an attention grabber for sure. Not everyone would contemplate or even talk about death. In […]

Hearts Day Gift Idea: Citizen Watches

I personally want one, so I figured ¬†pretty Citizen watches¬†would make a fine Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriends. And of course, this is a big hint for my husband, who unfortunately doesn’t read this blog. Lol. But if you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day gift idea for your beloved, you can pick any of […]