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3 Easy Exercises to Keep Fit

I’ve been struggling to keep myself fit and I’m sure a lot of women out there are in similar predicament. It’s true that diet and exercise are really the keys to having healthy weight. I’ve tried the route of using crash diets, slimming pills and other get slim quick schemes but it didn’t really work. I’m disciplined enough to stick to a diet but once you hit your 30’s it proves to be a lot more difficult to lose weight.

Easy Exercises

So to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight, what really works is a healthy diet and exercise. I can stick to a healthy diet but the big problems is that with my current work and lifestyle, I had become so sedentary. A lot of my women friends are also facing similar dilemmas specially if your day is spent mostly sitting down and your physical activity is getting less and less. Just recently, I’ve started disciplining myself and have a little more active lifestyle. I’m starting it really gradually, from short walks, stretching exercises. In short, just conditioning my body to some physical activities first.

I’ve notice a change in me albeit small. I hardly catch my breath now when doing some brisk walking. I feel more energized and ready for more activities. So, I’ve been searching for exercises easy enough for me to do while I’m waiting for ideas to come when I’m writing or when I’m on my hourly breaks from my computer or when I’m waiting for the clothes to dry etc, etc..

And here’s what I found – Dr. Mao’s 3 Unique Exercises to Shape Up for Spring. This line caught my eye, “The number one cause of being overweight is inactivity. The human body is designed for physical activity.” Now that is so true, then the article piqued my interest, “Physical activity does not necessarily mean abrupt, fast-paced and forceful exercise. What if I told you that gentle, slower, and deliberate movements are just as beneficial for your health?”

These are called mind-body exercises which promote energy, balance of function, and a calm mind. Combination of tai chi, qigong, and Dao In yoga.

Exercise 1: Swimming Dragon

Dr. Mao's Swimming Dragon Exercise

Exercise 2: Arm Swing

Exercise 3: Merry Go-Round – a simple walking exercise.

For complete instructions, please check out Dr. Mao’s article for Yahoo! Health.

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