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A Bit of SEO Won’t Hurt Your Blog

Nor would it require too much effort.

That’s what I found out anyway, after almost 6 years of blogging. When I started out blogging, SEO was alien to me like how articulating arm wall mount are alien to me. I thought it was some techie whachamacalit that I shouldn’t really bother with. I mean, you can’t really fault me on that (as well as a lot of newbie bloggers too) because to be honest I was just too busy trying to figure out how Blogger works (and more so if you use WordPress) to think of something like SEO.

I was also too preoccupied with too many things and ideas that I wanted to blog about. But after awhile, my crazy burst of excitement died down, and I was a calmer and rational, I have decided to stick to some particular topics for each blog. Not exactly a  micro niche but I think I was able to pinpoint what exactly I wanted to write about in my first blog.

From there, it was a natural progression and a learning process and along the way I have learned slowly how to integrate those things I learned to my blogs. One of which is SEO. If you are a newbie blogger, my advice would be not to beat yourself on the head trying to do too many things at the same time. Better pace yourself, learn and experiment.

So what exactly is SEO and how to do a little bit of it so it can help your blogs? A foreword: I am not an  SEO expert (there are countless others there calling themselves gurus, just google and pick up from their tips and tricks). These are just simple SEO tricks I have learned as I waddled my way into the blogging world.

  • SEO is search engine optimization. Unless you want to publish a private blog, then I’m assuming you want a fair bit of traffic to your site. One of the best sources for good traffic is SEARCH ENGINES. It’s free traffic, after all. You must remember that when someone searches for a term related to your blog niche, you would want to have your blog up there on the search results. It’s common sense (and studies have also proven) that 1st and 2nd page search engine results bring around a lot of traffic.
  • Remember too that there are millions of websites out there competing to get into that results page, so that is now the goal of SEO. To get you a good place in the search engine results.
  • How to do that?  Pick a search keyword (1-2 main keywords, as well as supplementary keywords) for your blog. Focus on that, those are the terms you want to be included in the search results for.
  • To start with you can use various Keyword tools like the Google Adwords tool and recently I like using Google Instant to pick some long tail keywords. I usually pick keywords that are low competition and also with an average monthly search of 3000 up. There are a lot of keyword tools/softwares you can use free or paid, but if you’re starting out, the free ones do the job fairly well.
  • I love long tail keywords because its more specific and also often have low competition. For example, a keyword = ‘samsung galaxy note cases’  is nice and gets a lot of searches but you also have fierce competition between other websites to rank for that keyword, but if you use a long tail keyword like ‘samsung galaxy note cases white case’ they you’d have an easier time ranking if you do your bit of work.
  • Once you have your keywords picked out, the make sure you use them on your blog (but not too much ok?). You can use it for your titles, or throughout your blog posts. You can also start linking to your blog using your main keywords. You can do this by commenting on other blogs, publishing articles, exchanging links etc. The main point is for those links to use your keywords as anchor text and pointing it to your blog URL.
  •  If you are a WordPress user, make the most out of plugins which can help you with your SEO work. I personally use Greg’s High Performance SEO and also recommend All-in-One SEO or Platinum SEO. For blogger users, make sure you add a meta name, keywords and description on you blog header markup to help you out.

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