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A Great Blogging Year

2012 was a WOW year for me, blogging wise. And I’m just so thankful. While I might call myself a ‘full-time blogger’, I didn’t exactly spend every waking moment, blogging. In fact, I blog usually for about 2-3 hours per day only. And usually just on weekdays. Weekends are usually for graphic design work. So, I wouldn’t call myself a seriously full time blogger. My main thing still is home and mommy chores.

Nevertheless, those little time focused on blogging has allowed me to build a lot of blogs which are now earning. Nothing much, but enough really to buy me stuff I want, to add to savings, and travel funds. In fact this year, from blogging alone, I bought a lot of home appliances, several gadgets for myself, a few online shopping sprees, and I also traveled a few times using only funds from blogging.

This made me realize, little things pay off. If you build things slowly, with great care, and a lot of thought on quality then you will surely reap just rewards. Blogging and earning is not an instant thing, nor should earning be the only motivation. It takes time, but the rewards are great. Now I can take off for a few days and my blogs would still be earning some passive income from Adsense and product affiliates.

This year, was also the time I started experimenting with Amazon affiliates and I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to make money out of it. Seriously surprised since in 2008 I tried this and I didn’t even earn a dollar. I guess I needed to experiment on what works and what does not work.

For the upcoming year, I intend to go more into affiliate marketing. I intend to build -grow small, relevant affiliate websites. That will be my main focus for 2013. Also, I intend to save a bigger portion of my online income and start an offline business. My friend and I had contemplated setting up a printing and design business like banner printing at but lately were leaning towards putting up a crafting supplies shop and later branching out to printing.

We’ll see how things go. I hope 2013 will be as great if not greater than 2012.

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