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A Truly Feminine Home Office..

I hate clutter! But more often than not I find myself in the midst of clutter at home. For one, I am a work at home mom. When I’m busy with different projects clutter and chaos just gathers around me. It doesn’t help too that my husband is a professor and well that’s his excuse for having a lot of paper and book cluttered around.

Our home office corner occupies a major part of our living room at this time since we haven’t done any renovations on our house yet. But once we do sometime in the future I am really insisting on having a room to fill with office furniture and whatever storages we need to be more organized and efficient. I’ll probably be sharing the home office with hubby but still I’d want the room to have a feminine look. He could have his own corner {which I doubt coz he prefers working in the bedroom} and I’ll have my own little girlie home office.

I’ve been scouring online for some desks and office furnishings I could buy or if not I could copy and have it customized. Here’s some I found to be really nice and delightfully feminine..

Elation Computer Desk – Modern Furniture Warehouse

elation computer desk

Stanley Furniture Portofino Ivory – Audio Video Furniture

stanley poftofino

Lexington Long Cove Arcadia – Audio Video Furniture

Lexington Long Cove Arcadia

All lovely, aren’t they?  One thing, I also love that colorful carpet on the first photo.

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