Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I’m Lui, a blogging aficionado, addicted to techie things, gadget lover, so its not surprising that I get called ‘a geek’ a lot of times. I don’t mind though because even if I’m a ‘geeky dweeb’, I’m still chic. Suffice it to say, I’m proud of who I am. I’ve gone through years trying to be what I am not, denying my inner geek-ness, but now I have settled on the fact that indeed, I’m a geeky chick!

Here I’ll be indulging my ‘geeky self’ and posting a lot about gadgets, technology, blogging, and the web. On top of all that I’ll also give in to my girlish side so I’ll also be rambling on about girl things. Tidbits of fashion I find and like, chick lit, girlie finds and well, things that a girl like me find interesting. But of course, you’ll find occasional personal tidbits in here too.

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Update: I’ve merged my uber-girly older blog here. It used to be called FeminineReveries so don’t be surprised if you come across an entry blabbing about all beauty and ladies stuff. 🙂