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Acne Dilemma and How to Fight On Against it..

FaceWash-761250I must admit I was never seriously in a quandary about acne when I was a teenager. Perhaps because of genes, and my mom thought me early on how to take care of my skin. It was a big help, I never had big problems with acne or other skin concerns often besieging teenagers. Of course, I had occasional zits and breakout but nothing really to freak out about.

Yesterday though, my teenage niece came over asking me about what to do about acne and acne scars. I haven’t seen her in a while and I was surprised coz her ‘used to be unblemished face’ is now full of acne and she’s quite scared about scarring. Can’t blame her though. But since I’m not expert with these I found myself searching online for natural acne scar remedies, click here for acne scar removal if you want more info about it.

Basically, what we’ve learned to treat acne and acne scar naturally by:

  • Taking in enough vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Starting with a good diet taking in lots of fruits, vegetables, fiber, high protein, and plenty of water. This just furthers my belief that what you really take in has a lot of effect on your skin.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E has known effects to relieve and help fight against acne.
  • Tea tree oil is also great in relieving acne.
  • Drink up lots of carrot juice and cabbage juice. Both are very rich in Vitamin, B and sulfur.
  • Get lots of sleep and rest. Avoid staying up too late at night.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and too much fatty and oily foods.
  • Keep your skin clean and fresh. Avoid applying too many chemicals as this would only serve to irritate your skin.
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