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Android Homescreens: Easy Monochrome

I found myself a new creative outlet.

You see, I was never a very ‘generic’ person. My stuff, I always need to put my personal stamp on. And that includes my tablet and mobile phone. So, ever since I discovered the joys of Android tweaking and customization, I’ve been learning and really on the roll.

And the great reward is that I get to have a totally ME phone, which is gorgeous and very functional as well. Functional because, I do take time to take into account what I need and what are the things I need fast access to. I also don’t like clutter, so my homescreens are usually easy, organized with just the very basic stuff out front, all the rest of the apps are categorized and hiding in the app drawers.

Lol. You won’t find a random app selling davidoff cigars for sale on my homescreen. The great thing though is that I’m still learning and discovering things. But I just wanna share some homescreens I made on this blog. For sure time will come, I’ll be sharing files for you but for now well have this.. Which I think is a nice improvement from my previously posted summer themed homescreen.

Here’s my homescreen last month. I’m calling it Easy Monochrome. I was feeling really zen like and wanted muted tones and look to my screen. I found this really pleasant. Just a single homescreen, with shortcuts to the apps I frequently use, then tiny dock buttons for some utlities.

Easy Monochrome is a single very minimal homescreen. I used Nova Launcher, UCCW with Elegante Skin for the day and time widget, and icons from Placid Monochrome Theme pack. Wallpaper is from BestWallpapersHD app.

You can check out MyColorscreen for some really awesome homescreen customization. My eye balls almost rolled out of my eye sockets, the first time I discovered the site coz of the pure awesomeness. ┬áHahaha! I kid you not! Anyway, you can find me there too, I’m using the moniker PurpleMochi.

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