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Android Homescreens: Teal & Rust

I love the color deep dark orange, maybe we can call it rust. It reminds me of an old grungy guitar. I guess I was hanging out online  and one guitar color caught my eye on that particular shop. Deep dark orange almost bordering on brown. And from that I got inspired to create something ‘rust’ and orange-y for a tablet.

This was actually designed for a Nexus 7 Tablet. All made with UCCW, Nova Launcher, icon pack from Truely Clean Icons by FFRA on Deviantart and Missed It! App.

It’s a 3-page set up with one main homescreen, 2nd screen is for favorite apps and the 3rd screen for ‘office’ apps.

I shared this on mycolorscreen but as much as I’d like to share the files, I accidentally deleted it. My bad, but perhaps when I’ve got the time,I’ll try to recreate it.

If you’re in mycolorscreen, check out my screens (PurpleMochi), and please zoom if you like them.

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