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Angry Birds Space Gets A Wow! Number of Downloads

I’m seriously way behind my Angry Bird playing. After completing the Seasons & Rio version, I purposely stayed away from playing Angry Birds because I just CAN’T work! Lol. It’s so addictive, I could just sit all day and play this. Never mind having lunch or taking a bath. And it was not good on my productivity.

And now I feel like laughing like a hyena coz at least a whole lot of people are in the Angry Bird frenzy particularly since the launch of Angry Birds Space, the little game from Rovio has garnered at least 10 Million downloads in less than 3 days! What a feat.

My kiddo has already joined the ranks and have downloaded the game. She says its super cool! And I’ll just take her word for it. I don’t want to tempt my already tight schedule. Lol.

Here’s a video preview of the game:


Via AngryBirds on Twitter | Rovio

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