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This App Gets Me Out of the Couch

Oh yeah! I’m not kidding!

It’s a simple app, but it really drags me out of my sedentary existence. Ha! I work on the computer all day long so yeah, I’m really so in need of getting up and getting going.

I’ve tried countless ways and motivations and I’ve also tried complicated apps, to no avail. I’ll be up and about when its new but end up slouching off again.

I’m blabbing about Noom Walk!! A simple pedometer that has now made me obsessed with reaching my daily ‘walk/steps’ goal.

Pedometer App

I tell you, I’ve used complicated apps with slews of features and they’ve never gotten me to move like this little pedometer has done. In fact, I’ve used the Noom Weight Loss app but found it to need to much attention, logs that I lost interest after a week.

Best of all, its FREE. And works awesome especially if you’re a beginner. Now I partner my walks with flow yoga and I can’t believe how much I’m gaining strength and toning.


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