Handbag Pick of the Week: Croco Pocket Satchel

Time to up my posting frequency on this blog. I know I haven’t updated much, I was pretty much preoccupied with a lot of web projects. I was also hit with a little bout of blogging ‘block’? I think I’ve gotten my blogging groove back and was hopping about for the latest handbag arrivals I […]

Cute Girly Ipod Accessories

I was searching for a gift for a dear friend. I want to send it through my sister who’s going for a short vacation in the Philippines. My friend is a gadget freak. And what she loves most – her iPod. She’s a singer and cant’ survive a day without her iPod. So I was […]

Home Decor on Sale!

It’s a girl thing too. I like looking at home decor and home styling ideas. I love pretty things and let’s face it, its a lot better than checking out motorhome repair, IMO. But I’m also wary about spending big bucks on decor. Thankfully a lot of online shops constantly have sales on home decor […]

Get Away Dark Circles!

Yes! I know I blog without obligation but sometimes when I leave things a bit unattended for awhile, I feel a bit guilty.  I feel like I left my baby… hahaha yeah that’s true.  Anyway, I was running out of creative juices the past two weeks and was so busy attending to other projects online […]

Setting Goals for Healthy Living

I’m all inspired to be on the ‘live healthy’ side. While there are a whole lot of reasons to live healthy, personally, my topmost reason is that I want to live longer and to avoid any diseases while I’m still young. Being healthy for me isn’t just physical, I also want to take care of […]

Few Changes..

Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and go full throttle. Hahaha! No I’m not planning to go into battle or anything, I’m simply talking about some changes I’ll be implementing for this blog. (1) Shopping Coupons and Discount Codes – I have started featuring this for a few months already. In fact I created […]

Some Easy Egg Recipes

Still on diet and I’m thinking I’ve reached some weight loss plateau. I’m currently on South Beach Diet, Phase II and it has worked wonders and was effective. But lately I’ve reached a point where the weight I lose is just minimal. It’s kinda frustrating but instead of fretting about it and deciding to jump […]