Easy Global Payments with Payoneer

Are you an affiliate marketer? A blogger? Or perhaps you do a lot of online transactions? 

Here’s something that is making things really easy for me, when it comes to receiving payments online: Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

It offers a lot of convenience for those always transacting online. As for me, I’m a blogger and affiliate marketer and I receive some of my affiliate commissions on my Payoneer.  There are several advantages to this:

The main reason I applied for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card was to receive my affiliate commissions. Before this, I usually receive payments by check. And you know how long that takes especially if you are living outside of US. But with Payoneer, it just takes a few days and I have the payments in my account.

How I Applied for My Payoneer MasterCard Card?

There are two ways to apply for a Payoneer Card. (1) Apply directly to Payoneer or (2) Via a Payoneer partner (ie. Freelancer, Odesk, Infolinks, Elance, Fiverr, Clickbank, 2CheckOut etc).

Payoneer has some very reputable partners. I was contemplating applying through my Freelancer.com or Odesk accounts, but in the end decided against it because I rarely use this sites nowadays. So I went directly and applied for my card on the Payoneer website.

The sign up was a breeze. After completing the application, I was sent a confirmation email. After a few days, I received email instructions for verification. I was asked to send a scanned copy of an ID and proof of billing. A day after, I got an email confirming my application was approved and I will be receiving my Payoneer card via mail in a few weeks.

After waiting a couple of weeks, I got this! My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

Applying for Payoneer MasterCard

Now I’m quite happily receiving my Amazon and ShareaSale commissions on my Payoneer Card.

>>You can sign up for your very own Payoneer MasterCard here. You can also get $25 when you refer friends and they apply for their own Payoneer Card.

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10 Gorgeous Galaxy Note 3 Cases for Girls

Here’s some picks to make that Samsung Galaxy Note 3  a little bit more girly. I picked out 10 Galaxy Note 3 cases that would truly make your phone a lot more feminine.

I personally use this phone and I find it awesome albeit a little masculine in looks. So one way to indulge ourselves and make it more pretty is to dress it up in these gorgeous Galaxy Note 3 Cases for Girls.

Bow Lace Fashion Wallet Flip Feature with Credit/id Card Slots/holder&strap PU Leather Bling Case Cover For Samsung Apple Smart Mobile Phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000)


Bow Lace Fashion Wallet Flip Feature with Credit/id Card Slots/holder&strap PU Leather Bling Case Cover – soft and really feminine look.

Dressier N3 Perfume Bottle Case with Chain for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Clear

Dressier N3 Perfume Bottle Case with Chain for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – something really unique and luxurious looking. Transform your Galaxy Note 3 with this opulent perfume bottle case with chain.

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Mourning SpringPad

I know this might be totally over the top for me, but I’m really really sad about SpringPad note taking app/software saying good bye. For one, I’ve been using it for a while already and I loved it. And so I have tons of notes in there. It’s the one browser extension and mobile app I always need to have.  So yeah, I was so bummed when I got this email:

We are very sorry to announce that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25th. At that point, Springpad.com will no longer be available and all online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working.

It’s quite sad to see some of these really brilliant apps closing down. I wish there was something I could have helped done like maybe they could have offered a more feature pro version and I would have gladly paid the membership. For me SpringPad was like a beautiful notebook and journal..

Large Genuine Leather Legacy Journal / Sketchbook with Gift Box - 400 Pages - 9" x 12" - Rich Dark Brown


Large Genuine Leather Legacy Journal

Anyhow, thankfully SpringPad provided an easy way to export the notes to EverNote. Sigh. An app I don’t have much love for. I don’t know why  but I cant seem to like its interface. But what can I do.

So now most of my stuff are usually sitting in Google Drive and notes on Evernote. I hope someday soon, something as beautiful as Springpad would come along.

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Value for Money Smartphone: Alcatel Pop C9

My sister has been looking for a smartphone to buy for sometime already. BUT she is very exacting and quite specific. And she has been bugging me to recommend a good one for her and one at a price point she could live with.

Let’s just say she is extremely budget conscious and wants a device that can do what she wants at a reasonable price point. Yeah, she’s the sort to scour different sites to see if the prices are different for every thing she wants to buy.

I asked her what she wants to do with the phone, what functions she wants. She wants to use it for social media, read emails, maybe some news updates, so she prefers a big screen phone preferably above 5″. It also needs to have a passable camera and can play a few games. And most of all, must not cost more than $200.

Alcatel Pop C9 Buyer Review

So off we went to do our research and stumbled across Alcatel Pop C9. And was quite impressed. We headed over to the nearest phone shop to play with it and see if it suits her. And she loved it. The price point is also LOVE. We got it for $199 with 1 yr warranty (lower if you opt for 3 or 6 mo warranty) and a host of freebies.

I liked that it doesn’t look cheap, its actually well made and resembles the Galaxy Note 1, the screen is crisp, bright and big at 5.5″. It’s also passably fast with 1 GB RAM, Quad-core 1.3 GHz, runs on Android Jelly Bean, and has an 8MP camera which takes reasonably good photos.

Let’s just say my sister is very very happy with her purchase. And me too. I would recommend it, if you’re looking for a budget smartphone that packs a punch, go for an Alcatel Pop C9.

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On Blogging: Server Overloading and Cron Problems with A Plugin

This week, I had one of my hosted accounts go on server overload. It was a bit puzzling for me as the sites were well maintained, the databases I always clean up and optimize. So I figured something must have gone wrong when my webhost told me the problem was multiple cron executions.

Which made me say duh?! I haven’t set up any cron jobs on the wordpress sites except for the default cron jobs initiated by the CMS. So I then installed cron manager plugin to see what are the cron jobs scheduled and which plugin could be causing the endless line of cron jobs.

That turned out to be an inspired idea. The culprit was a gallery plugin and with the cron manager plugin I installed, I managed to delete the cron jobs lined up. I also removed the plugin to be sure.

If you are running an exceptionally high number of cron jobs and you have no idea where its coming from, Advanced Cron Manager or FFF Cron Control can really be a big help to pinpoint which ones are causing problems.

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Gorgeous Laptop Tote Bags

I dislike carrying those utilitarian black laptop bags. I know that’s incredibly picky but why not be chic while lugging about a huge laptop? After all, for me why wear a plain hairstyle when you can be like a chameleon . Same goes for laptop bags, you can have something functional but also stylish. It is possible, believe me.

In fact I prefer to buy a really fashionable laptop tote so I only need to carry one bag instead of carrying my tote/shoulder bag for my ladies essentials and a separate laptop bag. Here’s some laptop tote bags that look really good and also give you the carrying space for your laptops..

Items spotted on Amazon.

Kailo Chic Women's Pleated Laptop Tote - EXCLUSIVE COLOR (Purple Moroccan)Kailo Chic Women’s Pleated Laptop Tote – this is available in lot of colors so check it out. It looks stylish enough that you can even use as your regular day bag.

SOLO Classic Collection 17.3-Inch Laptop Tote (CLA850-4)SOLO Classic 16″ Tote – elegant! doesn’t even look like a laptop bag.

Solo Vintage Collection Women's Leather Carryall for Laptops up to 15.6 Inches, Dark Brown (VTA801)Solo Vintage Collection Women’s Leather Carryall for Laptops up to 15.6 Inches – this is just beautiful!

New With Tags COACH RED Signature Stitched Patent Leather Multifunction Tote Diaper Laptop Bag 17940 RedNew With Tags COACH RED Signature Stitched Patent Leather Multifunction Tote Diaper Laptop Bag– lovely red color! multi-functional bag.

Crocodile Print Computer Handbag - Black

Crocodile Print Computer Handbag – beautiful handbag. looks pricey but comes at a really affordable price. available in lots of colors.

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Music Mixing Android App

I have a daughter who is absolutely crazy about music. I figured it won’t be long before she asks me for a pricey music instrument but for now she is into mixing music.

And right now, she is so ‘madly in love’ with this studio music mixing app she found in Google Play. It’s called Edjing DJ studio music mixer and even me (who is tone deaf) can appreciate how good this app is. And best of all, its FREE!

Music Mixing Android APP

Check it out, if you fancy mixing some music..


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8 Bestselling Stands for iPad

Here’s something I’ve been looking to purchase for awhile already. Most of the time I use the iPad for watching a video and reading and this would free my hands to multitask. I’m curious what’s the best selling (and rated well!) iPad stands in the market.

Here’s 8 really great stands for iPad buys:

Anker® Multi-Angle Portable Stand for Tablets, E-readers and Smartphones, Durable Aluminum Body, Compatible for Apple iPads iPad Air, iPad Mini / New iPad Mini, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tab 3, Note 8.0 10.1, S5, S4, S3, S2; Google Nexus 4,7,10; Asus EeePad TransformerAnker® Multi-Angle Portable Stand for Tablets, E-readers and Smartphones, Durable Aluminum Body – this is one really good buy and its compatible with a lot of devices (Apple iPads iPad Air, iPad Mini / New iPad Mini, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tab 3, Note 8.0 10.1, S5, S4, S3, S2; Google Nexus 4,7,10; Asus EeePad Transformer) and its no wonder its on top of the best selling iPad stands list.


Twelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini-brushed Metal Stand Designed to Work with your Apple Lightning CableTwelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini-brushed Metal Stand – for Apple prods as it works for Apple lightning cable.

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Dell XPS All-in-One

I know I just published a ‘wishlist’ but there is something I want to add to that: an all in one computer. This one in particular..


Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop (Black)Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop

Specs include:

  • Intel Core i7-4770S Processor 3.9 GHz
  • 16 GB SDRAM
  • 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • 27-Inch Screen

Looks awesome, right?! I now have something to strive for with this blog’s earnings.

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Make Your Android Phone Look Amazing with Themer

It’s been several months since I last designed Android homescreens. Sigh. I love doing this but right now I am simply pressed for time. Got too much on my plate right now, in fact, right now I should be looking for bar machinery for sale but I’m sneaking in to post this. Ha!

I’m sure there are lots of people with the same predicament, you want to personalize you Android Phone but you either don’t know how or you don’t have the time. Well, here’s one great solution – Themer App!

I’ve been testing it the past few months and I love how easily you can switch set ups!  I’m lovin’ it a lot, I’m itching to do my own designs for Themer. Just wait till I get myself some free doodle and play time..For now, check out the app and start making your phone beautiful.

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