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Bathroom Vanities for Her

Aha! It seems I have forgotten this blog has a home and living category. Hmm, I must have been pretty much hooked on fashion finds the past months. But let me correct that lapse with a post on home and living. If you ask me, one of the furnishings in the home that I most interested in.. nope not garage door parts. Teehee. Bathroom vanities.

You know that’s where we stow our precious beautifying products and thats where we clean up, peer in the mirror for horrors! acne, wrinkles? and whatnots. If I am to redo our house again, I would most definitely take time picking out a bathroom vanity. Here’s what I would pick…

Legion Furniture WA3138 Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet from HomeLivingStyle – I love the clean sleek lines. The uncluttered look, and of course plenty of storage for trinkets.

Romi Double Bathroom Vanity Set – from HomeLivingStyle – very contemporary and has a very chic, boutique hotel look

Heirloom Single Bathroom Vanity Chest from HomeLivingStyle – if I opt for a decor that is opulent, I would love to have this vintage looking vanity. Lovely isnt it?

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