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Beginner Drone Hunt

My daughter, I think have acquired my love for gadgets and social media. It’s her school break right now and she is studying Inkscape and Illustrator. And she has great interest in photo and video editing. So, we’ve been contemplating launching a Youtube channel in the future, mainly chronicling life where we are currently living as expats.

Anyway, she’s been interested in using drones for some aerial shots, BUT the cost of a good one is a bit prohibitive in my opinion. So we’ve been searching for smaller, beginner drones for her to test out and master. Plus, she is a teenager after all. It’s not impossible for her to want something then after a few weeks or months of using it, she will suddenly loose interest. Good quality at an affordable price and also ease of use are my thinking points for this beginner drone search.

I saw these Aerix Drones in theGrommet and I like them. They are on my wishlist now and if I don’t stumble into another brand/model with similar characteristics I want to get these. They are perfectly handy, great practice drone plus the price point is very reasonable. Fits perfectly for what I want it for: learning and practice! DroneEnthusiast has a pretty useful article on buying cheap drones.

affordable beginner droneTurbo-X Drone by Aerix Drones – truly a beginner drone for ages 14+. Affordable at only $35.


Beginner Video Drone

Vidius HD Video Drone – small, with HD video perfect for live streaming beginners. Also has an option to add VR Googles. Very good price at $95.

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