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Blog Beautiful with Google Web Fonts

If you’re new to blogging, for sure you can’t be bothered with customizing the look of your blog template. But once you go more into blogging, one realizes that there are about a gazillion competing blogs out there and it pays to develop something unique. It’s like developing a brand, your blog must have a special look.

One way to do this is have a custom template made or get yourself a premium theme subscription. But these could be pricey. I use both premium and free themes. As for free themes, there are lots of really fab free templates you could use to dress up your blogs. You just need to do a bit of code tweaking to make it look a bit more distinct.

A few easy tips:

  • Change your favicon. This is easy enough to do, just google for free favicons or favicon generators and make one for your blog. Installing it is also a breeze. Make full use of google search and a tutorial on how to install it will come up.
  • Change your social and feed icons. Same comments as above.
  • Colorize your fonts! If you’re using blogger and your theme of choice is compatible with in-dashboard font customization, then it’ll be a breeze. For WP users you can edit font colors via Dashboard – Appearance – Editor and usually the font attributes you need to change are in style.css files.
  • Style your fonts! There are several ways you can change your fonts to the not so generic web fonts. There’s Cufon, Typekit, @fontface.. My easy favorite would be using Google  Web Fonts.

google webfonts

The fonts available might be not that extensive but a lot of them are really beautiful and would give your blog a very distinct feel and look. Another plus is – easy installation. You also don’t have to host the fonts, Google API takes care of it for you.

You simply choose which font you want to use, then click on Use This Font. The installation instruction will appear. You just need to add one simple line of code before the <head> tag of your template. Once you’ve done that, you just need to go to the css styling of your template and add the ‘font name’ to the ‘font family’ your template is using.

Here’s some of my blogs with custom fonts from Google Web Fonts. The change is subtle but it does lend a different look and feel to the site.

My Unfiltered Musings – using Oulipo WordPress Theme original

I really like this theme but since its a free theme I bet a lot of sites are using it so I wanted to give it a slightly different look. So I changed fonts..

And here’s my thrift hunting blog: Girl on A Thrift Hunt’s original theme – On The Go by Elegant Themes.

Modified and now sporting a script font for the titles..

See the subtle difference? Go ahead, tweak and blog beautiful! Just don’t forget to back up 🙂

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  1. I am bookmarking this post! I know how to change fonts but in Blogger. Now that I’ve seen the light and moved to WP – I need all the tutorials I can get and this is very useful.

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