Blogging About Fashion and Style, Just Musing

Why am I blogging about fashion and style? Duh?! And I don’t even consider myself very stylish! The thing is I love shopping. Even virtual, surf shopping online. And I love picking out stuff that I envision myself or some others to wear. Some are hits, some misses. No one is perfect of course.

Truth is, I do this even if takes a bit of work, because I enjoy it. Yes, I’m always like in wonderland whenever I’m looking for things to post here. Do I care whether people read or even find my picks nice. Just a little bit. It’s nice to be complimented about your personal taste but I also won’t weep buckets if no one bothers. The fact that I enjoyed hopping around, creating some looks, picking out bags and shoes even if I don’t really buy it brings me a lot of pleasure and it has become some sort of therapy for me.

There are added pluses also to blogging about fashion and style. It’s no secret I monetize the site with ads. A girls got to what a girl’s got to do. I pay for hosting, domain, internet right? I also have some select affiliates on board.

But one thing for sure, if I find something ugly, then its ugly. If I find it nice and pretty, for sure I’d say so. In fact, if something is an eye sore to me I’d rather not write about it. I like keeping the tone of the site positive.

I also like adding value to the website with coupons and discount finds. If I chance upon a personal creations coupons free shipping and think that people might wanna use it, then I’d be posting it.

After months of blogging, I realized really I blog for myself mostly. It’s nice when people read, but the process of putting a post together, the giddiness I always experience is more than enough of a reward.

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