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On Blogging: Server Overloading and Cron Problems with A Plugin

This week, I had one of my hosted accounts go on server overload. It was a bit puzzling for me as the sites were well maintained, the databases I always clean up and optimize. So I figured something must have gone wrong when my webhost told me the problem was multiple cron executions.

Which made me say duh?! I haven’t set up any cron jobs on the wordpress sites except for the default cron jobs initiated by the CMS. So I then installed cron manager plugin to see what are the cron jobs scheduled and which plugin could be causing the endless line of cron jobs.

That turned out to be an inspired idea. The culprit was a gallery plugin and with the cron manager plugin I installed, I managed to delete the cron jobs lined up. I also removed the plugin to be sure.

If you are running an exceptionally high number of cron jobs and you have no idea where its coming from, Advanced Cron Manager or FFF Cron Control can really be a big help to pinpoint which ones are causing problems.

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