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Been itching to post and update but I had to stop myself coz I needed to do things behind the scenes..of my blogs.

You see, a week ago, my webhost had to suspend my account because I was using an excessive amount of server resources. Two of my websites in particular are really getting a lot of traffic and it was churning up a lot of processes. I can understand why my account needed to be locked down.

Thankfully, their tech support was really helpful in recommending what I could do to lower the processes of my sites. It was nerve wracking coz I didn’t really know much about server management. I guess you can just ask me to shop for clarinets than tinker with my cpanel and hosting whatchamacalits.

So what did I do behind the scenes? First things first, 98% of my websites use WordPress. While WordPress itself is lightweight and doesn’t use up much processes, some plugins however are a different story.

I had to install a cache plugin so my sites would be cached and a static version would be served to visitors thereby lowering the processes on the server.

Second, I had to weed out and remove all unnecessary plugins. I’m quite guilty about this because I experiment a lot. Sometimes I’d install something and forget about de-activating and uninstalling when I’m no longer using it.

Third, I had to remove All-in-one SEO pack plugin. While yes, it was working well and helping a lot with my site’s SEO, the consensus was that it has a lot of unnecessary blings that just takes up space and consumes a lot of server resources. The recommended alternative was to use Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin. And I did change to this plugin but bad me, I forgot to backup my previous SEO details so now I had to add all SEO keywords and descriptions again per post. Sigh.

And lastly, I decided to install Cloudflare to protect and accelerate some of my websites. I have not yet installed it on this blog but on some of my blogs. I’ll be discussing about this on my next post.

So far, so good. After those few tweaks they lifted the suspension and for the last week its been well and good. Hope it stays that way.

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