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Blogging Tips: Tagging Your Images

Here’s something I have learned from all those years of blogging: Tagging images is worth it!  ALT for images are simply alternate text for your images. It’s a very basic thing, but we often overlook it.

When I first started blogging, I have zero idea what image tagging is.Once you blog, and start adding images to your blog, you’ll see that when you upload an image on your blogging dashboard, you’ll be asked to add in a title, ALTernate text, caption, description etc.

Here’s a screenshot of basic image uploading on WordPress and Blogger. I’ve highlighted the portion where you can input the ALT text.

Image Uploading & Tagging on WordPress
Image Upload on WordPress
Image Uploading & Tagging on Blogger
Image Upload on Blogger
Tagging an Image Upload on Blogger
Tagging an Image Upload on Blogger

If you have forgotten to add in the ALT and Title tags while uploading the image you can still do so by clicking the image or you can also edit on HTML and this is how a basic image upload looks like.

Image ALT Tagging on HTML

You’ll ask why do we need to add ALT tags to our images? What can it do?

I’ll list down reasons why you should tag your images:

  • Search engines cannot read images. So if your images has ALT tags the it has more chances of being indexed much faster. For example, you upload a photo of plastic card printer but the search crawler cannot see your photo so in order for them to ‘read’ it you have to add in your ALT tag, ie. plastic card printing. A lot of people discount the importance of image search. But when I checked the site statistics of several of my sites where I have religiously tagged my images, well, I was really surprised that majority of my search engine traffic came from those searching for images.
  • Some people disable images on their browsers, and this is where ALT tags on your images comes into full play. If images are disabled then the brower will just show an empty icon, but if you have ALT tags, the empty icon will be displayed coupled with your ALT tag. Which will of course provide more information about your image and you have a better chance to get the interest of the viewer to view your image.

Some people also ask if they need to fill out ALT tag as well as the TITLE tag. There is a difference between the two. Both provide additional information about your image. Title tags however should be short, catchy and displays (in some browsers) when you hover your pointer on the image.

In case you haven’t been tagging your images yet, start now. It’ll your site much good. Read more about image tags on W3Schools.

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