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On Blogging: Updates, Goals, Earning

We’re halfway past 2014 already! Can you imagine how fast time really flies?

On the blogging front, things are okay for me although I wish I could get on with projects I have that are on the backburner and also update more regularly on my current blogs. Alas! That’s not to be. This past three months had been very hectic for me. Why? I’m a new mommy!

So yes, that is my priority right now and for next couple of  months. Blog posting is of course on the backseat.

Since I’m not updating much and also I’m slowly weaning away my blogs from paid reviews posts, earnings had been down for the past three months, which I expected. But I’m still happy coz as long as the sites are up, I still get passive income from Adsense and also surprisingly from my affiliate promotions. In fact, the past two months, my affiliate earnings from Amazon is higher than Adsense and I expect that to be on the same trend since Christmas is soon to come.

As for goals, well, I decided to be a bit moderate in my online work goals, after all I do have a lot in my plate right now. So as long as I can update the sites for at least twice a month then I’ll be okay.

I’m hoping when the little one is already a toddler, I could get back to my regular pace. Till then..

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