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A Bookworm’s Dream Chair

I had been searching for some book organizing ideas when I came across this totally awesome made to order chair. The book collector and clutter organizer in me just can’t help but marvel at how cool this chair/bookshelf idea is!

Gentleman's Luxury Library Bookcase Chair in Black - Made to Order


Gentleman’s Luxury Library Bookcase Chair in Black – Made to Order

Fully upholstered gentleman’s button-cushion club chair with armrests and a built in 27 feet of shelf storage for books and DVDs. Very comfortable deep seat, perfect for sitting and reading, enveloped by your library! Secret compartment under seat, accessed from behind bottom shelf books, for hiding away those extra special things. On rolling castors for easy movement. Can be upholstered in any material and painted in any color. An original Alexander Love design.

This is a bit pricey but I’m a firm believer in being geek and chic so this qualifies as a really good buy. And besides this really appeals to the lazy in me, you literally don’t need to get up to get the book with this. Everything is all within reach!

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