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Calorie Burning Activities!

I’ve just weighed myself and horrors! I’ve been stepping up my exercise routine and eating less fatty stuff but not much improvement..**Sigh** It has been a hard thing for the past three years for me to lose weight. Mostly my fault, coz I’m not consistent and I tend to fall into those quick weight loss fads which is not really effective for me.

I realize my problem is that I’m constantly inactive. Knowing that work usually binds me to my desk and chair for hours, I realized that I should really set aside some time to exercise – CONSISTENTLY!!! I don’t really have a problem with food coz I find it easy to eat healthy and curb those cravings when it hits me and I hardly need any phentermine to suppress my appetite. So its really the exercise that I should try to get off the ground.

A friend of mine who is a fitness instructor advised me to do some cardio, calorie burning exercise and add some light strength training exercises. I bought myself a pair of dumbbells a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been consistently using it for two weeks already. Slow results but I could definitely notice some changes. Less jiggly arms and now my arms are starting to look toned. And of course, I’m so ecstatic.

As for the exercises and cardio, well that’s a different story. I should be consistent I know. Right now, I’ve settled into jumping rope, everyday for at least 30 minutes. I’m looking for other forms of exercises that would suit me and would also burn calories for me. I came across a featured slideshow in iVillage – Which Burns Most Calories and it has some interesting bits I’d like to share..

  • Swimming – 270 calories per hour
  • Active yoga – 166 calories per hour
  • Running – 634 calories per hour
  • Cycling – 666 calories per hour
  • Spinning – 333 calories per half hour
  • Intermediate aerobics – 380 calories per hour
  • Intermediate pilates – 328 calories per hour
  • Incline walking – 282 calories per hour
  • Stairmaster – 380 calories per hour
  • Circuit training – 508 calories per hour
  • Kickboxing – 700 calories per hour
  • Car washing – 200 calories per hour
  • Rearranging the garage – 158 calories per hour {..but we don’t have a garage…lol!}
  • Gardening – 288 calories per hour
  • Raking leaves – 158 calories per hour
  • Organizing closet – 230 calories per hour
  • Shopping – 152 calories per hour {and this one burns more than calories, right??? wallet oh wallet!}
  • Ironing – 146 calories per hour {oops, I hate this chore, maybe I should start loving it!}
  • Folding the laundry – 118 calories per hour
  • Washing the windows – 300 calories an hour {tomorrow, I’m washing the windows..}
  • Washing dishes – 142 calories an hour
  • Rollerblading – 444 calories per hour
  • Playing Frisbee – 197 calories per hour
  • Hoola Hooping – 204 calories per hour
  • Jumping on Trampoline – 300 calories per hour
  • Walking the dog – 222 calories per hour
  • Riding the bike around neighborhood – 254 calories per hour
  • Surfing the web – 114 calories per hour
  • Reading a book – 82 calories per hour

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  1. I should start running again. It burns a lot of calories. I need to lose a LOT of weight before christmas. Just so I can indulge. Hahaha!

  2. Sam, hahaha! same here.. i went online shopping last week and bought a lot of dresses two sizes smaller than what I should be wearing. Sen would be bringing it back in December and I’m totally daring myself to lose that much.. Crossing my fingers and hoping it’ll work..

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