Trying Out Cloudflare

In my previous post, I mentioned that my hosting account has been suspended because of too much server activity. One of the recommended steps of tech support was to install CloudFlare on my sites. It was an optional recommendation so I decided to just install it on a couple of sites to see how it […]

Blogging Tips: Behind the Scenes

Howdy! Been itching to post and update but I had to stop myself coz I needed to do things behind the scenes..of my blogs. You see, a week ago, my webhost had to suspend my account because I was using an excessive amount of server resources. Two of my websites in particular are really getting […]

Chick Blogger’s Favorite Domain Name Generators

I build websites for a living. For me, its not just work, its fun and its a challenge too. Having built dozens of sites already mostly for my own online business as well as for clients, thinking up of names sometimes prove to be difficult. Considering that there are millions if not billions of websites […]

Projects and Goals

For the next six months, I’m setting a personal challenge. A new project and I’m dipping into affiliate marketing. From my blogs I earn via direct advertisers, in-post adverts and Google Adsense. The income is steady but since my sites are nothing major, the CPC earnings are nothing spectacular. But since I’m now considering this […]

Clean and Easy To Customize FREE WP Themes

There are thousands  (if not millions) of blogs out there. And there are also thousands of themes you can use to make your blog look good, appealing and a standout. I mentioned standout coz if you want some readership, then you have to at least make your blog memorable, unique. It’s not all content (not […]

On Static IP’s and SSL Certificates

Here’s what I’ve been seriously mulling about for several weeks now. I’m taking time to think about it coz this thing involves some expense and its not as easy as buying switch plate covers. I’m talking about getting Dedicated or Static IP’s for my web blogs. Why am I contemplating doing this for my blogs? […]

Traveling with My Blog Earnings

I managed to amaze my husband. He knows my daughter, my sister and I will be traveling to the Philippines in June and this also includes a side trip to Kuala Lumpur for a few days of rest and relaxation. Chos! Hahaha. Last week he asked me if I had already booked our flights and […]

Blogging Tips: Tagging Your Images

Here’s something I have learned from all those years of blogging: Tagging images is worth it!  ALT for images are simply alternate text for your images. It’s a very basic thing, but we often overlook it. When I first started blogging, I have zero idea what image tagging is.Once you blog, and start adding images […]

Manage Multiple Email Accounts with Thunderbird

I’m off fashion and chic posts for awhile. I’m in a mood for something techie this time, so this one’s not going to be about pretty stuff, ok? But I’m pretty sure some of you will find this post a lot more helpful. If you’re one of those with multiple email accounts, say you have […]

Moving and A Little Blimp

I’ve been thinking about moving a few of my blogs to another host and server, mainly because I don’t want all my blogs to be using a single shared IP addresss (for blog earning purposes hahaha). I upgraded my old hosting account and got a dedicated IP address, meaning only my blogs would be exclusively […]