affordable beginner drone

Beginner Drone Hunt

My daughter, I think have acquired my love for gadgets and social media. It’s her school break right now and she is studying Inkscape and Illustrator. And she has great interest in photo and video editing. So, we’ve been contemplating launching a Youtube channel in the future, mainly chronicling life where we are currently living […]

Windows 10 Creators Update

I’m on the market for a new laptop. I was thinking of getting a MacBook Air but this is seriously making me salivate. My husband work computer runs Windows 10 and I’ve been ‘borrowing’ it since last week and I like it. But with this creators update, I’m really really liking what I see.  Check […]

Action Cameras for Kids

I’ve always wanted to get myself a GoPro but I don’t have much time to do outdoor stuff these days. But not my kids. They are always going all over the place. My eldest is now very keen with outdoor activities so I figured, why not look for an affordable action camera for her. They […]

Cool & Hip iPad Bags/Sleeves

One thing to love about Apple products is the variety of choices when it comes to accessories. I’ve been on the lookout for some nice iPad bags but the one’s I’ve seen before were a bit staid and boring for my liking. I want some style and color! So commence my search and found these […]

A Bookworm’s Dream Chair

I had been searching for some book organizing ideas when I came across this totally awesome made to order chair. The book collector and clutter organizer in me just can’t help but marvel at how cool this chair/bookshelf idea is!   Gentleman’s Luxury Library Bookcase Chair in Black – Made to Order Fully upholstered gentleman’s […]

2 Favorite FREE Desktop Photo Editor with Filters

I’m a Photoshop and Illustrator geek. I’m a graphic designer on the side afterall, so that is handsdown my ‘to-go-to’ tool when it comes to designing and serious photo editing. BUT there are really those days you just want to do some quick editing and don’t want to load PS on my computer. That’s especially […]

10 Gorgeous Galaxy Note 3 Cases for Girls

Here’s some picks to make that Samsung Galaxy Note 3  a little bit more girly. I picked out 10 Galaxy Note 3 cases that would truly make your phone a lot more feminine. I personally use this phone and I find it awesome albeit a little masculine in looks. So one way to indulge ourselves […]

Value for Money Smartphone: Alcatel Pop C9

My sister has been looking for a smartphone to buy for sometime already. BUT she is very exacting and quite specific. And she has been bugging me to recommend a good one for her and one at a price point she could live with. Let’s just say she is extremely budget conscious and wants a […]

8 Bestselling Stands for iPad

Here’s something I’ve been looking to purchase for awhile already. Most of the time I use the iPad for watching a video and reading and this would free my hands to multitask. I’m curious what’s the best selling (and rated well!) iPad stands in the market. Here’s 8 really great stands for iPad buys: Anker® […]

Dell XPS All-in-One

I know I just published a ‘wishlist’ but there is something I want to add to that: an all in one computer. This one in particular..   Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop Specs include: Intel Core i7-4770S Processor 3.9 GHz 16 GB SDRAM 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 27-Inch Screen Looks […]