Chick Picks: Value For Money WordPress Theme Clubs

I LOVE WordPress with passion. And one of the best things about this platform is the availability of different themes to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. There’s about a gazillion free themes out there, and choosing one is a lot more difficult than shopping for cover stays . You can even build your own if […]

Gorgeous Book-Style Covers

I don’t have a Kindle but I was totally hankering for one when I saw this. I’m just so in love with vintage ┬ájournal type of covers. The contrast of a book style sleeve and a tablet/reader is just awesome, don’t you think? It’s like something old and something new. These are really great looking […]

Tweaked Galaxy Tab 2 Homescreen

I just got myself a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and within hours of getting it, I had been itching to root it. Yes, I’m just really nuts. The only thing that stopped me is that, the thing is still under warranty. BUT what’s really great is that with a little imagination and tweaking here and […]

A Chic Gadget Lover’s Wishlist

I’m pretty sure I won’t even complete half of this wishlist but hey! one can dream right? I love gadgets! I also love them more when they look chic and sleek. A friend was asking me what’s on my Christmas wishlist and laughed outright that I don’t have a single make up item on it, […]

Top 10 Rated Intel-Powered Ultrabooks

I’m considering getting myself another computer. I’m mulling over getting a really robust and powerful desktop set up (I want a huge screen!) or getting an ultrabook. Why an ultrabook? Whilst my current laptop is about a year old already, its still performing superbly. It’s my main tool of the trade so I take care […]

GetPocket Bookmarking Tool

Getting back to posting my web services finds. Here’s something that I really really like. GetPocket bookmarking service. It’s the new version of the popular Read it Later app. I love how your bookmarks are presented. It’s all sleek and has a very organized feel to it. Various bookmarks can sometimes make me feel dizzy […]

The Complaint Letter Generator

Let’s start the day with something fun, right? I was wondering aimlessly (again!?!@) on the net when I came across The Generator blog featuring lots fun and wacky online generators. Sites like this really make the internet become a crazy addiction. I know its all fun and at times elicit a WTF! reaction but hey! […]

Hot Picks: 10 HTC One X Series Skins and Cases

A few posts ago, I featured some choice picks of pretty and Girly Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases and I was a bit surprised that it was getting a whole lot of traffic. Well, considering how hit this phone is, I shouldn’t have been surprised. So now I decided to feature another set of skins and […]

Unique and Funny Journals

I found myself LMAO with these finds at Amazon. They are some really funny ideas and based on the customers reviews they are indeed funny and unique. If anyone here is looking for a nerdy, unique and gloriously funny gifts for loved ones, then consider these journals. I could actually imagine my crazy-with-pranks brother having […]