Stylish Picks: Tablet Messenger Bags

I’m really digging these tablet messenger bags. I know iPad and other tablet cases are nice and pretty but at times I kinda still prefer having a smallish bag to carry along. Besides, I’m a girl so I always need a teeny weeny bit of extra space to wedge in my lipgloss. I’m pretty sure all […]

Pretty Business Card Holders for Chic Ladies

I just spent the whole day yesterday looking for wholesale business card printing because my husband and I are running out of business cards. I’ve also spent a day designing new cards for both of us. And I’ve got two kinds of cards, one for my web & graphic design business and a personal card. […]

Pretty Chic Sony Cybershot Camera Cases

Hmmmmmmm. That’s me breathing a huge sigh of relief. My hosting and server woes have now been resolved. I’m back to normal. If I could ever be normal. Hahaha. So I asked myself what do I do today? Window surf shopping for my camera accessory won hands down. So I got down and did a […]

Chic Picks: Pretty Laptop Bags

I gave my laptop bag to my husband coz he has been using it more than me anyway. It’s black, utilitarian and mostly just appeals to guys. I thought, can’t I get a pretty, unusual laptop bag? I should and I would. I also think there are ladies out there who share the same thinking […]

Just Gorgeously Chic Kindle Fire Skins

You know after seeing all these Kindle Fire Skins, I want a Kindle Fire. Lol! That’s a weird way for me to get drooling over a device. Sold because of the skins. But you’d agree with me, that these are just gorgeous. All bold and gorgeous! If you’re looking to dress up your Kindle Fire, […]

5 Gorgeously Chic Cross-Body Bags

I think I’ve been blabbing on about too much gadgetry and tech. So its time for some pretty. It’s a fact, I’m nuts about bags. I could never have enough. But its my only indulgence. For me its bags over shoes over jewelry. Lately, I’ve been really obsessing on cross body bag types since I […]

Chic Picks: Golden Hits Handbag

A friend has been asking me for some tips on what to get mom for her anniversary. Hmm, I’m don’t really know her mom that much but if it was my mom, then it had to be any of these three things: bags, home items or crafting/sewing supplies. Which made me think, I want to […]

Chic Picks: 3 Pretty Tops

Wow! I just realized I had been blabbing about mostly tech, gadgetry and innovation for the last few posts. Hmm, lest one forgets I’m just geek and not chic enough, I headed over to some online shops to do some serious window surf shopping. And I hunted for some cool casual tops. I’m never the […]

Chic Picks: Orla Kiely Strip Stem Totes

I did my fair share of blabbing about something mildly geeky the past few posts so I fancy inserting something girly and chic.  I found some pretty bags with very pretty vintage-y retro prints that I’m seriously salivating after. The Orla Kiely Strip Stem Totes. They are just perfect for everyday, shopping use.  Would also […]