Top Rated iPad Cases & Sleeves

This post is really for my sister (and those who share similar fates with her hahahaha). She is forever changing and changing her iPad cases and sleeves. I guess she uses it so often that she has to buy several of them at a time. She goes through it like its just some sort of toy.

I told her I’ll check out the top rated ones from Amazon, perhaps its high time she purchases one that would last long on her iPad.

Bear Motion Luxury 100 Percent Genuine Top Layer Buffalo Hide Vintage Leather Case for iPad 2 / iPad 3/ the new iPad / iPad 4 (the lastest version) -Vintage BrownBear Motion Luxury 100 Percent Genuine Top Layer Buffalo Hide Vintage Leather Case for iPad 2 / iPad 3/ the new iPad / iPad 4 -Vintage Brown

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Stylish Picks: Tablet Messenger Bags

I’m really digging these tablet messenger bagsI know iPad and other tablet cases are nice and pretty but at times I kinda still prefer having a smallish bag to carry along. Besides, I’m a girl so I always need a teeny weeny bit of extra space to wedge in my lipgloss.

I’m pretty sure all of you are used to carrying around a bag would know what I mean. Oftentimes, I carry around a tablet, a mobile phone and if the kiddo is with me, she’d also stuff her play tablet in my bag. So these gorgeous tablet messenger bags would come in really handy.

Rothco Vintage Canvas iPad Bag (One Size/Black)Rothco Vintage Canvas iPad Bag – I like the structure of this one. It’s made of canvass and looks very durable. It’s also slim and lightweight.

Duzign Rover Messenger Bag (Light Brown) for Samsung Series 5 Chromebook + Pocket for 10 Inch TabletDuzign Rover Messenger Bag (Light Brown) for Samsung Series 5 Chromebook + Pocket for 10 Inch Tablet – while not strictly for tablets, this is gorgeous. It has a slot of tablet and a think laptop. Hmm, I love love love it!!

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Pretty Business Card Holders for Chic Ladies

I just spent the whole day yesterday looking for wholesale business card printing because my husband and I are running out of business cards. I’ve also spent a day designing new cards for both of us. And I’ve got two kinds of cards, one for my web & graphic design business and a personal card.

So now that I have that out of the way, I’ve been hunting down a pretty business card case. I don’t want a generic business card case, I want to indulge the girly side of me when it comes to this. So I found these on Amazon these pretty business card holders for women.  You chic ladies might find it useful..

Mother of Pearl Womens Business Credit Name Id Card Case Cash Metal Stainless Steel Engraved Slim Money Wallet with Butterfly DesignMother of Pearl Womens Business Card Holder

Business Card Case - Girl Power - Well Behaved WomenBusiness Card Case – Girl Power

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Pretty Chic Sony Cybershot Camera Cases

Hmmmmmmm. That’s me breathing a huge sigh of relief. My hosting and server woes have now been resolved. I’m back to normal. If I could ever be normal. Hahaha. So I asked myself what do I do today?

Window surf shopping for my camera accessory won hands down. So I got down and did a mad search for some pretty and chic Sony Cybershot camera case. You know, I realize there are loads of camera cases, but mostly they are black and so unfashionable.  I know they are functional but the girl in me wanted something chic and pretty. Function and style, its possible to have, right?

rooCASE EVA Hard ShellrooCASE EVA Hard Shell (Green) Carrying Case with Memory Foam for Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-TX20 TX66 TX200V WX50 WX70 WX150 W610 W620 W650 W690

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Chic Picks: Pretty Laptop Bags

I gave my laptop bag to my husband coz he has been using it more than me anyway. It’s black, utilitarian and mostly just appeals to guys. I thought, can’t I get a pretty, unusual laptop bag? I should and I would. I also think there are ladies out there who share the same thinking as me. I don’t want something generic, I want something functional, sturdy but stylish and chic. Is that too much to ask of a laptop bag? Are there really pretty laptop bags out there for us?

So I checked out some pretty laptop bags and  surprise, surprise there are lots! Here they are..laptop bags for women.

Kate Spade New York Portola Valley Janine PXRU3028 Computer,Taupe – uber classy and elegant. doubles as briefcase/portfolio.

Kate Spade New York Portola Valley Janine PXRU3028 Comptuer,Taupe,One SizeEcoscapes Exquisite Womens Designer Briefcase Laptop/Tablet/Ipad Bag – affordable and very stylish.

Exquisite Womens Designer Briefcase Laptop/Tablet/Ipad Bag (Navy Blue)

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Just Gorgeously Chic Kindle Fire Skins

You know after seeing all these Kindle Fire Skins, I want a Kindle Fire. Lol! That’s a weird way for me to get drooling over a device. Sold because of the skins. But you’d agree with me, that these are just gorgeous. All bold and gorgeous!

If you’re looking to dress up your Kindle Fire, then check these out at Amazon:

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Paris Makes me HappyAmazon Kindle Fire Skin = ( Vinyl decal ) - Paris Makes Me Happy

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Blossoming Almond TreeAmazon Kindle Fire Skin = ( Vinyl decal ) - Blossoming Almond Tree

DecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin – MeasuredDecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin - MeasuredDecalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Moon TreeAmazon Kindle Fire Skin = ( Vinyl decal ) - Moon Tree

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Flower of FireDecalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Flower of Fire

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Vintage ScarletDecalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Vintage Scarlet

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin – Flying Tree BlackDecalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Flying Tree Black

and here’s two really cute Kindle Fire Skins:

DecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin – Doggy BoudoirDecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin - Doggy BoudoirDecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin – Sweet ShoppeDecalGirl Kindle Fire Skin - Sweet Shoppe

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5 Gorgeously Chic Cross-Body Bags

I think I’ve been blabbing on about too much gadgetry and tech. So its time for some pretty.

It’s a fact, I’m nuts about bags. I could never have enough. But its my only indulgence. For me its bags over shoes over jewelry. Lately, I’ve been really obsessing on cross body bag types since I do travel a lot and I find them convenient, specially useful with those extra spaces.

So I hightailed it over to Amazon ( really my personal shopping paradise..) and was really bag happy. I didn’t anything yet, I can’t make up my mind, but here’s stuff on my I WANT THIS! List. Lol. What a wishlist.

Kate Spade New York Dixon Place Scout Cross Body – on top of my list. Coz it’s just absolutely gorgeous and I think I could use it for long.

Ladies Cross Body Bag

FRYE Cameron Cross-Body – wow! leather goodness. This one has that understated elegance to it. Love it!


Ladies Cross Body Bag

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Fold-Over Tote – lots of room with this one. And its very versatile. Pretty awesome color too.

Ladies Cross Body Bags

Baggallini Big Sydney Bag – cute and the price is even better. Also one of the top customer rated cross body bags on Amazon. Also available in other colors.

Ladies Cross Body Bags

The SAK Iris Cross Body – I think I want this in all colors!! Beautiful, no wonder its on the Bestseller List.


Bestselling Ladies Cross Body Bags

 Which one’s your pick? I’m sure you’d agree with me. It’s hard to pick just one, right? Ha!

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Etsy Find: Custom Instagram Earrings

A lot of people are so into Instagram right now and this gets me thinking what else can you do with those gazillion photos? You can’t possibly just leave it there to rust, right?

While I personally prefer reading on errors & omissions insurance that ‘Instagramming’ I find this idea quite cool. Turn your Instagram photos into wearable fashion!

Instagram Earrings

Instagram Custom Earrings

Was browsing when I saw this Custom Instagram Earrings and found them cute. They are customizeable, made of wood (painted or natural finish).

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Chic Picks: Golden Hits Handbag

A friend has been asking me for some tips on what to get mom for her anniversary. Hmm, I’m don’t really know her mom that much but if it was my mom, then it had to be any of these three things: bags, home items or crafting/sewing supplies.

Which made me think, I want to give something myself to my mom. Her wedding anniversary with my dad is coming up and since dad is not around anymore to give her a gift, then perhaps I’ll take on the pleasure. I searched for some nice pretty stuff for her and I kinda like this: Golden Hits Bag.

Yellow Handbag


Yellow Handbag

It has that retro appeal and looks really cheery. Her bag collection could sure do with this lovely and sunny addition. The Golden Hits Bag is available at Modcloth.

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