Chic Picks: 3 Pretty Tops

Wow! I just realized I had been blabbing about mostly tech, gadgetry and innovation for the last few posts. Hmm, lest one forgets I’m just geek and not chic enough, I headed over to some online shops to do some serious window surf shopping. And I hunted for some cool casual tops. I’m never the […]

Chic Picks: Orla Kiely Strip Stem Totes

I did my fair share of blabbing about something mildly geeky the past few posts so I fancy inserting something girly and chic.  I found some pretty bags with very pretty vintage-y retro prints that I’m seriously salivating after. The Orla Kiely Strip Stem Totes. They are just perfect for everyday, shopping use.  Would also […]

Hearts Day Gift Idea: Citizen Watches

I personally want one, so I figured  pretty Citizen watches would make a fine Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriends. And of course, this is a big hint for my husband, who unfortunately doesn’t read this blog. Lol. But if you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day gift idea for your beloved, you can pick any of […]

Chic Picks: Summer-y & Comfy Ladies Flat Shoes

I’ve been all about gadgets in the past few posts and I wanna rectify that. I’m still a girly girl after all, notwithstanding my obsession with gadgets and technology. Anyway, spring is in and summer is fast coming. So I’ve been trying to look for some comfy but colorful flat shoes for summer outings.. I […]

Chic Picks: Journee Collection Red Cruella Shoes

It’s a while since I featured some chic picks. Not that I was ever down the ‘fashion bandwagon’, I was simply preoccupied hopping about oohhhh ahhhing over the latest gadgets. So I guess its high time now to insert something chic and stylish in here.. My pick this time is this really gorgeously chic Journee […]

Chic Picks: Vintage-Inspired Valise

I looooove love vintage, retro, and indie themed stuff. I especially love it on accessories and on bags. And this one is just gorgeous. An uber charming overnight bag with a quirky sewing pattern design. This would just be perfect too for crafty crafty persons in need of a bag to lug around their craft […]

My Cath Kidston Browser Love

I have an ongoing Cath Kidston addiction. At the moment it doesn’t extend yet to me going on a handbag or any Cath Kidston product shopping spree, but I’m getting close to that. Lol. Call me a sucker for girly stuff, but I’m head over heels in love with Cath Kidston patterns. Lovely florals and […]

Chic Picks: Floral Sateen Dress

Super adorable! This Melonie Flora Sateen Dress I saw in Kohl’s. I’m seriously tempted to grab the card and make a go for this. Thankfully, I’m living outside the US so I curbed the impulse and contented myself to just blogging about it. Cute, right?  I like the floral accents, its not too overwhelming. Just […]

boutique 9-chic picks

Chic Picks: Boutique 9 Sandals

Oh, yes. Geeky dweebs like me like dressing up too. And who says you can’t be geeky and fashionable at the same time? I hate busting myths but I guess I’m not your stereotypical geeky chick. I love shoes that sometimes its scary. Scary for the wallet that is. I do like watching fashion in […]

balenciaga laptop case

Chic Picks: Lovely Balenciaga Laptop Case

I have a thing for designer bags. I may not be able to afford it {yet..hahaha!} but I can certainly appreciate their appeal and I do believe they are worth the investment. Anyway, here’s one I would dearly love to have. Balenciaga Laptop Case made of calfskin leather. Available in Ardoise and Black for $675. […]