Cool & Hip iPad Bags/Sleeves

One thing to love about Apple products is the variety of choices when it comes to accessories. I’ve been on the lookout for some nice iPad bags but the one’s I’ve seen before were a bit staid and boring for my liking. I want some style and color! So commence my search and found these […]

10 Gorgeous Galaxy Note 3 Cases for Girls

Here’s some picks to make that Samsung Galaxy Note 3  a little bit more girly. I picked out 10 Galaxy Note 3 cases that would truly make your phone a lot more feminine. I personally use this phone and I find it awesome albeit a little masculine in looks. So one way to indulge ourselves […]

8 Bestselling Stands for iPad

Here’s something I’ve been looking to purchase for awhile already. Most of the time I use the iPad for watching a video and reading and this would free my hands to multitask. I’m curious what’s the best selling (and rated well!) iPad stands in the market. Here’s 8 really great stands for iPad buys: Anker® […]

Pretty iPhone 5C Cases

It’s been awhile since I featured an accessory for iPhone loving friends and readers. So its high time I feature another cool list of fab accessories for your iPhone. This time I’m picking out some pretty iPhone 5c cases. I know a lot of my friends who use this phone, so check out these list: […]

Gorgeous Leather Camera Case

This is GORGEOUS! Seriously. I shouldn’t have taken too long picking out my chic picks for gadgets. and now I’m in love. And I don’t even own aCanon PowerShot SX50 HS, so why am ogling this like mad? Coz its beautiful!  I’m raving aboutMegaGear “Ever Ready” Protective Leather Camera Case, Bag for Canon PowerShot SX50 […]

Top Rated iPad Cases & Sleeves

This post is really for my sister (and those who share similar fates with her hahahaha). She is forever changing and changing her iPad cases and sleeves. I guess she uses it so often that she has to buy several of them at a time. She goes through it like its just some sort of […]

Stylish Picks: Tablet Messenger Bags

I’m really digging these tablet messenger bags. I know iPad and other tablet cases are nice and pretty but at times I kinda still prefer having a smallish bag to carry along. Besides, I’m a girl so I always need a teeny weeny bit of extra space to wedge in my lipgloss. I’m pretty sure all […]

Cool iPhone5 Best Friend Cases

Best friend cases? Why not? If there are couple rings, cases etc, there should be friend cases, noh? So I checked out if there are iphone 5 best friend cases and there are. And pretty ones too. Check these out..All items are available at Best Bitches Iphone 5 Case   Gray Grey Chevron Print […]