Girly iPad Mini 2 Piece Cases

I’ve been on the hunt for an iPad Mini 2 piece case for a friend. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. How can a case have two pieces. I’m such a simpleton sometimes hahaha! Thankfully, Amazon has an amazing inventory of iPad Mini cases that I had to take a deep breath […]

Gorgeous Book-Style Covers

I don’t have a Kindle but I was totally hankering for one when I saw this. I’m just so in love with vintage ¬†journal type of covers. The contrast of a book style sleeve and a tablet/reader is just awesome, don’t you think? It’s like something old and something new. These are really great looking […]

Chic Picks: Pretty Laptop Bags

I gave my laptop bag to my husband coz he has been using it more than me anyway. It’s black, utilitarian and mostly just appeals to guys. I thought, can’t I get a pretty, unusual laptop bag? I should and I would. I also think there are ladies out there who share the same thinking […]

Just Gorgeously Chic Kindle Fire Skins

You know after seeing all these Kindle Fire Skins, I want a Kindle Fire. Lol! That’s a weird way for me to get drooling over a device. Sold because of the skins. But you’d agree with me, that these are just gorgeous. All bold and gorgeous! If you’re looking to dress up your Kindle Fire, […]

Hot Picks: 10 HTC One X Series Skins and Cases

A few posts ago, I featured some choice picks of pretty and Girly Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases and I was a bit surprised that it was getting a whole lot of traffic. Well, considering how hit this phone is, I shouldn’t have been surprised. So now I decided to feature another set of skins and […]

Gorgeous Bamboo Argyle iPad Case

You know, one thing going for Apple products: gorgeous accessories. Like this one. Bamboo Argyle iPad case. It’s purrrrty and screams geek. It’s just so fashionably geek. I want it but I don’t have an iPad. I find it funny that I like the case but I can’t really be bothered to buy an iPad. […]

Some Pretty Girly Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases

I’m pretty much set on getting myself a Galaxy Note but the new Galaxy S3 is swaying me a bit in its favor. Lol. Anyway, I looked into the available accessories for this newly released phone and found some pretty feminine cases for the S3. For S3 toting ladies out there, these might be the […]

Photosensitive Camera Concept

Today’s my birthday, so what am I doing blogging instead of partying? I should really just be counting Gourmet Gift Baskets. Lol. But no gave me any gift basket so I’m blogging instead. But really, I just need to blog about this cool camera concept by Damien Arlettaz which also happens to be a 2011 […]

Vintage Camera iPhone Case

I like cool, funky accessories. And if it has a vintage vibe to it, all the more appealing to me. This one fits all manners of cool, funky and vintage. I’m talking about the Wood Camera iPhone Case. It’s like a wonderful marriage between modern tech (iPhone) and something old school like an old wooden […]

That Multi-View Digital Camera

I know I shouldn’t be surfing around for cameras. Goodness, I have two digi-cams right now. ¬†And one is barely a year old, and pretty awesome too. But one can marvel at technology and new stuff right? And I’m totally awed by this one. Sooo sleek and cool looking. And the features are not bad […]