Windows 10 Creators Update

I’m on the market for a new laptop. I was thinking of getting a MacBook Air but this is seriously making me salivate. My husband work computer runs Windows 10 and I’ve been ‘borrowing’ it since last week and I like it. But with this creators update, I’m really really liking what I see.  Check […]

Search for Alternative to Evernote

I have previously lamented the demise of SpringPad, my much loved note taking app. I searched high and low for an alternative but I still ended up with Evernote. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote is a solid product, brimming with features but it just isn’t for me. It’s like pushing an acoustic electric guitar to […]

Dell XPS All-in-One

I know I just published a ‘wishlist’ but there is something I want to add to that: an all in one computer. This one in particular..   Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop Specs include: Intel Core i7-4770S Processor 3.9 GHz 16 GB SDRAM 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 27-Inch Screen Looks […]

Top 10 Rated Intel-Powered Ultrabooks

I’m considering getting myself another computer. I’m mulling over getting a really robust and powerful desktop set up (I want a huge screen!) or getting an ultrabook. Why an ultrabook? Whilst my current laptop is about a year old already, its still performing superbly. It’s my main tool of the trade so I take care […]

35mm Film USB Flash Drives

35mm Film 4GB Flash Drives

Oh, this is just soooo retro! I can’t believe I’d say, wow! I miss seeing film rolls but I do. For one I find their packaging pretty neat and colorful. But I think I’ve long accepted that carrying films about are no longer the norm. But wait! Not if you have these film 4 GB […]