affordable beginner drone

Beginner Drone Hunt

My daughter, I think have acquired my love for gadgets and social media. It’s her school break right now and she is studying Inkscape and Illustrator. And she has great interest in photo and video editing. So, we’ve been contemplating launching a Youtube channel in the future, mainly chronicling life where we are currently living […]

Action Cameras for Kids

I’ve always wanted to get myself a GoPro but I don’t have much time to do outdoor stuff these days. But not my kids. They are always going all over the place. My eldest is now very keen with outdoor activities so I figured, why not look for an affordable action camera for her. They […]

A Budget Canon Camcorder

I’ve been mulling over this buying decision for about two weeks already. I’ve been planning to buy a camcorder since last year but I always end up postponing it. Mind you, this is not exactly necessary, more like an indulgence. I’d like a camcorder to just record some moments and some of our travels. I […]

Sony Cybershot Digital Camera 18MP Picks

I’m in a freakout mode. I have accidentally broken my blogging camera this morning. And this one has been with me for like 5 years already. I’ve been treating it like some treasure because it has been a gift from my hubby when I started blogging. It’s a Sony Cybershot ¬†and I’ve been using this […]

My Quest for a New TV

I’ve been counting my blogging earnings and I figured it really adds up! That’s the best thing about blogging, I enjoy it and I earn from it. I even think if I go full blast with it, I could earn a very serious income with it. For now though, I just blog for the fun […]