Top Rated iPad Cases & Sleeves

This post is really for my sister (and those who share similar fates with her hahahaha). She is forever changing and changing her iPad cases and sleeves. I guess she uses it so often that she has to buy several of them at a time. She goes through it like its just some sort of […]

Android Homescreens: Teal & Rust

I love the color deep dark orange, maybe we can call it rust. It reminds me of an old grungy guitar. I guess I was hanging out online  and one guitar color caught my eye on that particular shop. Deep dark orange almost bordering on brown. And from that I got inspired to create something ‘rust’ […]

Stylish Picks: Tablet Messenger Bags

I’m really digging these tablet messenger bags. I know iPad and other tablet cases are nice and pretty but at times I kinda still prefer having a smallish bag to carry along. Besides, I’m a girl so I always need a teeny weeny bit of extra space to wedge in my lipgloss. I’m pretty sure all […]

Android Homescreens: Easy Monochrome

I found myself a new creative outlet. You see, I was never a very ‘generic’ person. My stuff, I always need to put my personal stamp on. And that includes my tablet and mobile phone. So, ever since I discovered the joys of Android tweaking and customization, I’ve been learning and really on the roll. […]

Cool iPhone5 Best Friend Cases

Best friend cases? Why not? If there are couple rings, cases etc, there should be friend cases, noh? So I checked out if there are iphone 5 best friend cases and there are. And pretty ones too. Check these out..All items are available at Best Bitches Iphone 5 Case   Gray Grey Chevron Print […]

Girly iPad Mini 2 Piece Cases

I’ve been on the hunt for an iPad Mini 2 piece case for a friend. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. How can a case have two pieces. I’m such a simpleton sometimes hahaha! Thankfully, Amazon has an amazing inventory of iPad Mini cases that I had to take a deep breath […]

Pocket Size Paper Shredder

I find this cute. And I think would be very useful. The pocket sized wind up shredder. “Incriminating evidence will become a thing of the past once you begin carrying around this wind-up paper shredder. With a few quick turns of the trusty knob, this handy pocket-sized device permanently erases all traces of any paper […]

Gorgeous Book-Style Covers

I don’t have a Kindle but I was totally hankering for one when I saw this. I’m just so in love with vintage  journal type of covers. The contrast of a book style sleeve and a tablet/reader is just awesome, don’t you think? It’s like something old and something new. These are really great looking […]

Tweaked Galaxy Tab 2 Homescreen

I just got myself a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and within hours of getting it, I had been itching to root it. Yes, I’m just really nuts. The only thing that stopped me is that, the thing is still under warranty. BUT what’s really great is that with a little imagination and tweaking here and […]

Gift To Self: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

I figured I deserve some sort of reward. I’ve been working my butt off this year, and blogging wise this has been a fantastic year for me. I have experimented with different income streams for my blog, and most of them turned out well. I’m specially ecstatic with my Amazon affiliate experiment which turned out […]