Cute Girly Ipod Accessories

I was searching for a gift for a dear friend. I want to send it through my sister who’s going for a short vacation in the Philippines. My friend is a gadget freak. And what she loves most – her iPod. She’s a singer and cant’ survive a day without her iPod. So I was […]

Gourmet Valentine's Gifts

A little hint for guys in dilemma. Or come to think of it, this would also make great gifts for guys! I mean sure we would appreciate a shower of flowers, diamonds, designer bags, shoes etc etc, but if you can’t afford it then don’t push it. After all, if you remembered to your lady […]

Going on A Picnic..

Just indulge me ok? I was browsing through some website for some picnic baskets and I had this fantasy going on… Of going to a really romantic picnic! Hahaha I know its sounds cheesy, but I can’t help it. Seeing these uber lovely picnic baskets I guess just brings out the cheesy romantic in me. […]

Go Floral…

Flowers make a great mood enhancer. They brighten up every nook and cranny and I think they make great all time and all season gifts. Like this time, it’ll be a great way to send a ‘Happy New Year’ and good luck on the new year message, then its a great idea to do so […]

Pretty Pink Phones..

I’m not that much into pink, but there are times I do fine pink stuff quite charming and cute. Here’s one instance, I was browsing online when I came across some pretty pink mobile phones. I can’t help but gush, cute! Do I have a hankering for a new phone? Nah! I’m still loving my […]

15 Pretty Little Charms for Ladies

Looking for gifts for ladies? At the onset, there are lots of things that would make nice gifts for women, but as you search, the sheer number of these things to choose from becomes more and more daunting. One thing I know though, most women love little trinkets. Take for instance my mom and some […]

Cool Sticky & Nifty Notes Gift Sets for Girl Friends

I love sticky notes! Truth is, I’m a compulsive note taker and this would make the perfect little gift for me, hehe I mean girl friends.I was cruising along looking for some direct mail printing ideas when stumbled across Knock Knock‘s website and they sure have totally cool stuff in there.. I just love the […]

Gift Idea: Kits for Her

Just about one of the nicest gift ideas I saw online for ladies.. All items from SeeJaneWork. Shemergency Survival Kit – This compact case is stocked with 24 items including; a folding hair brush with mirror, hair spray, clear elastics, earring backs, hand lotion, nail clipper, an emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, […]

Edible Arrangements..

Okay. I must admit, this had me drooling and contemplating feigning sick so somebody give me these. These are definitely yummy looking and would be a great substitute for flowers! Found this from a site Edible Arrangement, and here’s the company description I lifted from the site.. Edible ArrangementsĀ® has a fresh fruit bouquet to […]