Home Decor on Sale!

It’s a girl thing too. I like looking at home decor and home styling ideas. I love pretty things and let’s face it, its a lot better than checking out motorhome repair, IMO. But I’m also wary about spending big bucks on decor. Thankfully a lot of online shops constantly have sales on home decor […]

Bathroom Vanities for Her

Aha! It seems I have forgotten this blog has a home and living category. Hmm, I must have been pretty much hooked on fashion finds the past months. But let me correct that lapse with a post on home and living. If you ask me, one of the furnishings in the home that I most […]

Going on A Picnic..

Just indulge me ok? I was browsing through some website for some picnic baskets and I had this fantasy going on… Of going to a really romantic picnic! Hahaha I know its sounds cheesy, but I can’t help it. Seeing these uber lovely picnic baskets I guess just brings out the cheesy romantic in me. […]

Go Floral…

Flowers make a great mood enhancer. They brighten up every nook and cranny and I think they make great all time and all season gifts. Like this time, it’ll be a great way to send a ‘Happy New Year’ and good luck on the new year message, then its a great idea to do so […]

Easy Oatmeal Mask Recipe

I love DIY natural beauty products. That way, you save and you do away with harsh chemicals that are often present in store bought beauty products. I used to make my own lip balm, I usually mix my bath scrub salts and sometimes I make my own mask. My favorites would be avocado and also […]

Cool Sticky & Nifty Notes Gift Sets for Girl Friends

I love sticky notes! Truth is, I’m a compulsive note taker and this would make the perfect little gift for me, hehe I mean girl friends.I was cruising along looking for some direct mail printing ideas when stumbled across Knock Knock‘s website and they sure have totally cool stuff in there.. I just love the […]

Your Own Homemade Deodorizing Spray

Are you fussy about smells in your home? I am and a lot of women friends I have are also particular about smells, most particularly cigarette smells, pet odors, and cooking smells. I find deodorizing sprays expensive though so I’ve been searching the net for do-it-yourself deodorizing spray recipes I could use for my own […]

Edible Arrangements..

Okay. I must admit, this had me drooling and contemplating feigning sick so somebody give me these. These are definitely yummy looking and would be a great substitute for flowers! Found this from a site Edible Arrangement, and here’s the company description I lifted from the site.. Edible ArrangementsĀ® has a fresh fruit bouquet to […]

Gift Idea: Uber Cute Cupcake Soap

I’m a girlie girl so if I get to choose between a Dutch Master cigar or this super cutie cupcake soap, you’ll definitely be able to guess which one I’ll be picking! For one thing I don’t smoke and I prefer pretty things like these.. This cupcake shaped soap really looks like the real deal […]