My Picks: Dressy Evening Shoes Below $50

Indulging again my OWSS {Online Window Surf Shopping} Obsession last night. And here’s some of my picks from various shopping sites. I was looking for pretty, dressy evening shoes that wouldn’t cost me $50 and I picked out 14 of them.. I love doing this, hahaha it satisfies my craving to ‘shop’, I sometimes add […]

Shoe Pick of The Week 12: This Two Gets My Thumbs Up..

It’s Christmas season so I’m more scatterbrained than usual. And no that’s not a side effect of acsonix because yohhoo!  I’m happy to report I’m acne free this time! But that’s going beyond the topic. It’s time to feature my shoe pick of the week. I’ve been undecided since yesterday which one to post in […]

Shoe Pick Of the Week 11: Lovely People Vera Pump

I’m getting totally hyped up already for Christmas! I’ve gone shopping crazy already for party dresses. I’m even thinking of what to cook already for our Christmas dinner. I’ve been jumping all over the net too looking for gift ideas for hubby, my daughter, my sis and friends. I’m also mulling over what to put […]