Merging Chaos

Please excuse the blog chaos. It might not be noticeable at first, but this blog has a lot of broken links, not found pages and images. Mainly because, I merged my old fashion/women themed blog to this one. So if you see posts authored by FemRev, well that’s from my old blog. I decided on […]

Facebook’s Your Story

Hmm. Facebook just recently launched Stories on their app. You can read the story on TechCrunch. It’s basically like Snapchat where you can add photos or video, edit them and share it. It is only live for 24 hours. I must admit, I find it annoying. Annoying enough that I am writing this post. For […]

What’s a Tuner?

Anything music related, don’t ask me. Ha! And that’s exactly the reason why I’m posting this. My small (by small I mean almost teen) has been asking me about tuners and I know nothing. I think he’s better off checking this stuff out at musician’s friend than asking me as I’m totally clueless when it […]

Mourning SpringPad

I know this might be totally over the top for me, but I’m really really sad about SpringPad note taking app/software saying good bye. For one, I’ve been using it for a while already and I loved it. And so I have tons of notes in there. It’s the one browser extension and mobile app […]

Work and Exercise Blurbs

It’s been a month since my last update! Sorry, guys. I’ve been swamped with things to do both personal and work related. And now I’m just trying to get back on my blogging backlog which has taken a backseat. You see, aside from blogging, my main work is really building websites and also graphic design. […]

Moving and A Little Blimp

I’ve been thinking about moving a few of my blogs to another host and server, mainly because I don’t want all my blogs to be using a single shared IP addresss (for blog earning purposes hahaha). I upgraded my old hosting account and got a dedicated IP address, meaning only my blogs would be exclusively […]

Sony Splits From Ericsson

I’m sad here. I love my Sony Ericsson mobile phones. I know while everyone is clamoring for smartphones and all, I’m stuck with my two good old Sony Ericsson phones. It’s by choice and I couldn’t bear to be parted with it. For some reason, I love my Sony Ericsson phones a whole lot. Perhaps […]

Happy Adsense Camper!

That’s me! Whoohooo! I’ve been blogging close to 4 and a half years already but it has only been more than 2 years since I have added Google Adsense to a couple of my blogs. I was hesitant to use it to monetize my sites coz I initially thought it would only work for big […]

Back with a New Look!

Hi ya! I know I’ve been missing in action for the past months. Yes, I was updating my other blogs but this one, I decided to shelve for a bit because I had too much on my plate. May and June had been a particularly trying time i my life as my father battled cancer […]