Cool & Hip iPad Bags/Sleeves

One thing to love about Apple products is the variety of choices when it comes to accessories. I’ve been on the lookout for some nice iPad bags but the one’s I’ve seen before were a bit staid and boring for my liking. I want some style and color! So commence my search and found these […]

Cool iPhone5 Best Friend Cases

Best friend cases? Why not? If there are couple rings, cases etc, there should be friend cases, noh? So I checked out if there are iphone 5 best friend cases and there are. And pretty ones too. Check these out..All items are available at Best Bitches Iphone 5 Case   Gray Grey Chevron Print […]

Girly iPad Mini 2 Piece Cases

I’ve been on the hunt for an iPad Mini 2 piece case for a friend. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. How can a case have two pieces. I’m such a simpleton sometimes hahaha! Thankfully, Amazon has an amazing inventory of iPad Mini cases that I had to take a deep breath […]

Tab’s New Home Screen # 3

I decided to make a switch. After that paintbrush/landscape scene on my tablet’s homescreen (see here) , I decided I wanted to have something purple-y! I figured I’ll be tweaking my tablet’s widgets and homescreens every month. You know, depending on my mood and theme I fancy.. So on to purple, blue and something fresh […]

Instant Love Photography Book

Yay! I want this. Seriously! I have so much fascination for lomography and analogue photography. I think its purer and you really need to develop an eye for a good photograph to be able to take a good one. While I am also in love with digital photography, its admittedly easier and with the advent […]

Few Changes..

Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and go full throttle. Hahaha! No I’m not planning to go into battle or anything, I’m simply talking about some changes I’ll be implementing for this blog. (1) Shopping Coupons and Discount Codes – I have started featuring this for a few months already. In fact I created […]

Personal Project: Learning More About Skin Care

I am doing a lot of reading lately about skin care products and their ingredients. Why so? I find it interesting and I’m curious. In any case its a lot better reading that instead of researching xbox network cable and xbox hacks which my brother has been bugging me to do. I think I still […] Coupons, Discounts and Sale Alerts 02-07-11

Love shoes? I do and I’m always on the lookout for shoes. And shopping for the right shoe shouldn’t be so hard on the pocket. Just regularly check out some of the discount promos and codes to use when you shop on shoe online megamall – I’ll be regularly featuring updated sale alerts, promo […]