Umer: The ‘Uber’ For Funerals

This should hardly come as a surprise. After all, we now live in a world where everything seems to be easy to demand. So yeah, this app in Russia called Umer, will help in planning a funeral in just a few clicks!

Umer App

Yup, after all if you can order a pizza or a cab ride on your mobile, why not also a funeral for a loved one? With Umer, you just need to enter the deceased’s name, date of death, religion and address. Then voila you can virtually plan all what you need to give them a decent funeral.

Read more of this on TheNextWeb or check out BBC’s article Russian’s mock Uber-like funeral app.

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Favorite WordPress Shortcodes Plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can easily customize it and there are loads of added bits that you can do to extend how your site works. Tweaking under the hood of a site can be daunting though especially for novices. Thankfully, WordPress has a really great community and there are really awesome choices when it comes to plugins to extend functionality.

Using shortcodes is one of my favorite ways to spice up a website. It a fabulous way to make how you display your content unique. I’m always with the thought that why use an ordinary pickup when you can use dually pickups. The same analogy applies to how I build websites. Here’s a list of some of my favorite Shortcodes Plugins available for WordPress users.


Shortcodes Ultimate – easy to use, clean interface that easily integrates on your writing toolbars and quite extensive help and documentation.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode – comprehensive, easy and I love the ‘look’ of these shortcodes.

Easy Responsive Shortcodes – lightweight and uncomplicated. I like the integration to the toolbars so its easy to access.

Shortcoder – Custom shortcodes. a bit for intermediate user but novices can easily get the hang of it after going through documentation.

Simple Shortcodes – like the names implies, this one is easily used and works for any theme.

WP Canvas Shortcodes – extensive shortcodes collection with a very minimalist look and feel to it.

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop – boasting over 24 shortcodes, this is easily useable and doesnt require much technical knowledge to implement.

WordPress Shortcodes – quite beautiful set of add ons to your website.

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Search for Alternative to Evernote

I have previously lamented the demise of SpringPad, my much loved note taking app. I searched high and low for an alternative but I still ended up with Evernote. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote is a solid product, brimming with features but it just isn’t for me. It’s like pushing an acoustic electric guitar to a guitar novice like me who just wants to keep things simple.

I find Evernote to have too much features and also a big factor for me – Interface. Somehow I find it cluttered (organized but cluttered) and not easy on the eyes. I changed font styling but it still gave me that impression and instead of helping me be productive, its been driving me nuts. Ha! I know its an OC thing, but there it is.

For personal, short notes I’m pretty much settled on using Google Keep, but I’m on the lookout for something more substantial. Anyhow, I’ve recently been searching for other note taking apps to try. Important features for me would be ability to sync across multiple devices and a simple, easy on the eye interface.

So far, I’m loving this.

Note Taking App

SimpleNote. A free app available for the web, iOS, Android and Kindle. It’s simple, clean and doesn’t drive me crazy.

For other apps check out these recent listings: Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives and for Mac users – Time To Ditch Evernote? Letterspace & Fetch Are Compelling Alternatives.

Another alternative I would explore in the near future is PaperWork where notes can be stored in your server. Worth checking out if one does not like to host important notes on third party servers.

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Easy Global Payments with Payoneer

Are you an affiliate marketer? A blogger? Or perhaps you do a lot of online transactions? 

Here’s something that is making things really easy for me, when it comes to receiving payments online: Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

It offers a lot of convenience for those always transacting online. As for me, I’m a blogger and affiliate marketer and I receive some of my affiliate commissions on my Payoneer.  There are several advantages to this:

The main reason I applied for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card was to receive my affiliate commissions. Before this, I usually receive payments by check. And you know how long that takes especially if you are living outside of US. But with Payoneer, it just takes a few days and I have the payments in my account.

How I Applied for My Payoneer MasterCard Card?

There are two ways to apply for a Payoneer Card. (1) Apply directly to Payoneer or (2) Via a Payoneer partner (ie. Freelancer, Odesk, Infolinks, Elance, Fiverr, Clickbank, 2CheckOut etc).

Payoneer has some very reputable partners. I was contemplating applying through my or Odesk accounts, but in the end decided against it because I rarely use this sites nowadays. So I went directly and applied for my card on the Payoneer website.

The sign up was a breeze. After completing the application, I was sent a confirmation email. After a few days, I received email instructions for verification. I was asked to send a scanned copy of an ID and proof of billing. A day after, I got an email confirming my application was approved and I will be receiving my Payoneer card via mail in a few weeks.

After waiting a couple of weeks, I got this! My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

Applying for Payoneer MasterCard

Now I’m quite happily receiving my Amazon and ShareaSale commissions on my Payoneer Card.

>>You can sign up for your very own Payoneer MasterCard here. You can also get $25 when you refer friends and they apply for their own Payoneer Card.

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Mourning SpringPad

I know this might be totally over the top for me, but I’m really really sad about SpringPad note taking app/software saying good bye. For one, I’ve been using it for a while already and I loved it. And so I have tons of notes in there. It’s the one browser extension and mobile app I always need to have.  So yeah, I was so bummed when I got this email:

We are very sorry to announce that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25th. At that point, will no longer be available and all online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working.

It’s quite sad to see some of these really brilliant apps closing down. I wish there was something I could have helped done like maybe they could have offered a more feature pro version and I would have gladly paid the membership. For me SpringPad was like a beautiful notebook and journal..

Large Genuine Leather Legacy Journal / Sketchbook with Gift Box - 400 Pages - 9" x 12" - Rich Dark Brown


Large Genuine Leather Legacy Journal

Anyhow, thankfully SpringPad provided an easy way to export the notes to EverNote. Sigh. An app I don’t have much love for. I don’t know why  but I cant seem to like its interface. But what can I do.

So now most of my stuff are usually sitting in Google Drive and notes on Evernote. I hope someday soon, something as beautiful as Springpad would come along.

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Talk Social Networks

When you spend your time mostly online, and one of your main businesses is blogging and promoting it, then you’d most probably be using multitudes of social networks. And it can get very confusing. I personally have Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, Pinterest, Wanelo, Ravelry for Crafts.

But right now I’m going to talk about what I think about the big three – Twitter, Facebook and Google+. After wading through these social networks for years, I do have observations formed.

  • Twitter – a great tool for marketing, imho. But must be used in moderation too. I observed this is a great place to see what is current and trending, but its just as fleeting as its short characters. Great for interacting with random people. This is where I get to talk, share ideas with people in my locality. But as I said, contact is really fleeting.
  • Facebook – the grandmama of all social networking. To be totally honest, I’m so tired of Facebook, but one of its biggest positives – more people are in it. So its easier to connect. So this is what I use to connect with old friends, relatives and so on. Other than messaging them, I don’t have much use for this anymore.
  • Google + – might not be as huge and popular as the other two, but this is my favorite. If you want interaction and finding people with shared interests this is the place. I love how I can join a community and discuss the topics that interests us. I find myself learning a lot and growing from thoughtful and helpful discussions. Sure there are trolls here and there, but I value the real interaction you get from +’s and comments. I love the design, blogging and Android theming communities there. Very helpful.

Also my favorites would be the cooking, baking and foodie communities. It never fails to pique my interest and inspire me to try out something new. Perhaps, the reasons I like it is that you get to share your ideas, your work to people that actually have an interest, unlike FB where of course your relatives/friends would hit the like button, but you don’t get that much critique or intelligent discussion, whilst with Google+ I share my idea on a related topic and you get reactions, discussion from people who actually have similar interests. And that I think is what makes this my standout social network. A social network designed to network with like minded people.

Okay, so that ended up like a rave about Google+. Ha! Forgive me.

So what about you? What’s you favorite social network?

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So Its Bye Bye Google Reader

This is not a news that I’m welcoming. Big G is retiring Google Reader!! And it just boggles the mind why they are doing this massive spring cleaning. Sigh. Here’s the Google Blog announcement for this not so welcome news.

I’m a voracious feed subscriber. That’s how I keep up with news and trends particularly since I maintain a multitude of blogs.

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary. What do I do?

I use a lot of apps for reading feeds but most of them are using Google Reader as the backend. Now I have a task of migrating my gazillion feed subscription. Perhaps Feedly? I like how it looks but last time I tried it, it felt kind of heavy and sluggish.

And I loved Google Readers simplicity. The focus on the feeds. I’m in deep mourning you know.

And at a time I full to the gills with things to do. I’m migrating some sites to another server, cleaning up my downloads folder, organizing my graphic design tools, and cleaning up my computer. Whaaaaaaaaa! I’ll just finish up doing some Registry repair, then I’m definitely migrating my

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Chick Blogger’s Favorite Domain Name Generators

I build websites for a living. For me, its not just work, its fun and its a challenge too.

Having built dozens of sites already mostly for my own online business as well as for clients, thinking up of names sometimes prove to be difficult. Considering that there are millions if not billions of websites out there competing for a web surfer’s attention, one must pick a catchy and brand-able domain name.

For example, if I want to build a site around toyota seat covers niche, then I will try my best to look for a domain name that would be catchy, memorable and also very important for us, SEO friendly.

Thankfully there are online generators there to help me fast track thinking up a domain name. First things first, you must have an idea of what your site will be. A main keyword or niche would be a great starting point. Then I usually use any of these domain name generators to come up with various combinations..

  • Dot-o-Mator – by far my favorite. I love playing with the combinations and from here I usually come up with some very web sounding domains.  You can easily add beginning and ending words to your main keyword and come up with great domain names.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Impossibility – another good domain name generator. You can add in adjectives/verbs/nouns to your main keyword.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Bust a Name – a good domain idea generator. Just make sure you click on the tab – Domain Maker.
Best Domain Name Generator
  • Randomainer – generated names are not as flexible and extensive as the one’s above, but still they come up with something unique from time to time.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Stuck Domains – another favorite. This is one is slightly different as it searches for a expired domains. These are great domains to grab and you can find some recently expired domains that are still indexed and with a lot of incoming links making your SEO work a bit easier.
Best Domain Name Generators

There are a lot more domain name generators out there but I just picked the one’s above as my favorite’s coz I wanted sites that offer variations and ideas rather than just limited combinations and TLD search on name registrars which is really not much of help when thinking up new names.

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GetPocket Bookmarking Tool

Getting back to posting my web services finds. Here’s something that I really really like. GetPocket bookmarking service. It’s the new version of the popular Read it Later app.

Get Pocket Bookmarking Service

I love how your bookmarks are presented. It’s all sleek and has a very organized feel to it. Various bookmarks can sometimes make me feel dizzy with confusion but somehow GetPocket presents it in a way that is easy on the eyes. As we surf the web, we tend to accumulate a lot of links, bookmarks and sometimes it can be daunting to read it in one go. Bookmarks are presented in thumbnail format (which so reminds me of Pinterest) and also on list format.

GetPocket Bookmarks Panel

Another thing is that they have a lot of ways so you can easily bookmark links in all sorts of browsers and platforms. I love how I get to choose from several apps that would best suit my needs when browsing with Chrome or Firefox.

I also love the fact that I can easily tag my bookmarks for easier searching. I almost always bookmark a lot of shopping finds and sometimes I find it hard to look for my previous bookmarks but this makes it easy. I can easily tag an item for unique finds, books, fashion etc.

So if happen to be like me who’s a link and bookmark hoarder, but can’t read it in one go, check out GetPocket. It’s free and awesome.

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The Complaint Letter Generator

Let’s start the day with something fun, right?

I was wondering aimlessly (again!?!@) on the net when I came across The Generator blog featuring lots fun and wacky online generators. Sites like this really make the internet become a crazy addiction. I know its all fun and at times elicit a WTF! reaction but hey! there’s always room for some fun.

Among those listed on the blog, I zeroed in on something I found hilarious: The Complaint Letter Generator. Hahaha! I know if you are chronic complainer then writing complaint letter can be tedious. So now with this generator, you can compose a letter in a jiffy and complain about that compression stockings that didn’t suit you, that electric company etc etc.

And I just had to laugh at the results: (just click on the image for a larger view)

The Complaint Generator
Warning! Don’t take this all seriously okay. It’s all in the spirit of fun, fun and more fun.

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