Draw, Sketch, Write with Bubbles

Perhaps not many people now get the appeal of handwritten letters. But I’m personally more touched and impressed by them considering that this day and age, everyone just uses SMS or email. Sometimes I do hanker for a more personal touch to our correspondence. Thankfully, there are just some wonderful web startups who think of […]

Manage Multiple Email Accounts with Thunderbird

I’m off fashion and chic posts for awhile. I’m in a mood for something techie this time, so this one’s not going to be about pretty stuff, ok? But I’m pretty sure some of you will find this post a lot more helpful. If you’re one of those with multiple email accounts, say you have […]

Moving and A Little Blimp

I’ve been thinking about moving a few of my blogs to another host and server, mainly because I don’t want all my blogs to be using a single shared IP addresss (for blog earning purposes hahaha). I upgraded my old hosting account and got a dedicated IP address, meaning only my blogs would be exclusively […]

Obsessed with Facebook – Infographic

I love checking out infographics. They do have some really interesting findings and info, hahaha at least a lot more interesting than looking for leather chair repair that I should be doing right now. But that can wait. Here’s what I saw that got me interested. We’re pretty much hooked on Facebook albeit on varying […]

Get Organized with WunderList

I always have a zillion things to do and getting organized, and know which should be done first is always a trial. This is hard to do. And even if its, I still try as much as possible to organize myself otherwise I’ll be perpetually looking for something I need, and getting nothing done. I […]

Stressed? Check Out Compassion Pit

Wanna vent? And you have no one around you who would care to listen? Then check out Compassion Pit. Where you can spill your guts to a random chat partner. Or if you are in a helpful mode, then choose the listen mode and help out somebody who needs to some compassion. This is a […]

My Cath Kidston Browser Love

I have an ongoing Cath Kidston addiction. At the moment it doesn’t extend yet to me going on a handbag or any Cath Kidston product shopping spree, but I’m getting close to that. Lol. Call me a sucker for girly stuff, but I’m head over heels in love with Cath Kidston patterns. Lovely florals and […]

Just For Fun: Next Tweet Generator

Something to have a bit of fun with. I love twitter, but to be honest there are times I ran out of things to tweet! Lol! Yeah, you just need 100 or more characters to tweet but sometimes I really don’t know what to say. A few days ago, a friend sent me a link […]