14 Pretty Trinkets for Your Hair

So what to pick out next? I’ve featured a lot of shoe picks, handbags, necklaces, bracelets and some more. What’s next? This time I hopped about and picked out something nice and pretty. Little trinkets for your hair. Who wouldn’t love them? Unless you’re hair’s falling big time and you’re more in need of hair […]

16 Glam Bracelets Below $100

Want something to add a bit of sparkle to your Valentine’s day date dress ensemble? And since most of us don’t wanna spend thousands on a little trinkets, I checked out some really pretty, elegant bracelet from various shopping sites. I love bangles, Beads mixed with metals. And I picked out ones that are easy […]

Only in My Dreams #5: Lanvin, Azzaro + Accessories

I was in a dress up myself lavishly mood yesterday, so I went shopping. Only virtually and I did put everything in cart but left everything there. I love surf shopping online, creating looks, picking items I like. It’s weird but it satisfy my craving to shop and I don’t spend even a dime. Anyway, […]

10 Eye-Catching Necklaces

I was browsing through PurseBoutique.com‘s jewelry collection section and found myself drawn to their necklaces. They are eye catching yet very wearable and the price, easy on the pockets. So I picked ten and am now featuring them here. [singlepic id=380 w=400 h=350 float=center] I’m now changing the way I feature stuff, instead of directly […]

Stunning House of Harlow Earrings at The Trend Boutique

Though I rarely wear them, I find earrings to be so fascinating. Here’s some House of Harlow by Nicole Richie earrings I saw on the The Trend Boutique featuring classy tribal and vintage looks. I love it! I was thinking, uh oh! another celebrity designer wannabee but Nicole Richie churns out lots of pretty elegant […]

Pretty Pink Phones..

I’m not that much into pink, but there are times I do fine pink stuff quite charming and cute. Here’s one instance, I was browsing online when I came across some pretty pink mobile phones. I can’t help but gush, cute! Do I have a hankering for a new phone? Nah! I’m still loving my […]

15 Pretty Little Charms for Ladies

Looking for gifts for ladies? At the onset, there are lots of things that would make nice gifts for women, but as you search, the sheer number of these things to choose from becomes more and more daunting. One thing I know though, most women love little trinkets. Take for instance my mom and some […]

Only In My Dreams: Bottega Veneta Belts

Been awhile since I’ve updated this category. Not that I ran out of things I wanna have but can’t afford, its just that, well I forgot.. Hahaha, really. I love ogling Bottega Veneta products, they are so well crafted, with classic looks. Simply beautiful things obviously crafted with the highest quality in mind. [singlepic id=305 […]

10 Stylish Belts, All Below $50

I love belts! They add a lot of pizzaz and drama to any outfit! I’ve been browsing around for some funky and stylish belts and since I’m on the ‘save-more-look-for-something-cheap-but nice’ mood, I hopped from one site to another looking for pretty belts that would not burn a hole in my wallet. Belts are a […]