Challenge and Reward..

How’s my ongoing weight loss and diet faring? Hmmmm, I’m getting pretty desperate here and with my family intent on making me fail in my goal to be a bit thinner and they make it a point to tempt me with really really good food, well its hard.

Anyway, I’ve decided to change tactics and instead of just dieting and exercising, I’ve decided to set something like a goal and reward myself when I achieve that goal. My current goal is at least to be consistent with diet and exercise and if I could do that for three consecutive months I’m rewarding myself with a gadget I’ve been wanting to have. I’ve been checking out digital camera reviews coz I’m thinking of getting a new digital camera that is not so bulky. One I could take anywhere with me, small enough to slip into my pocket or a pouch bag and not so expensive, just perfect for taking photos I’ll be featuring on my blogs.

I’m currently using a 10 megapixel Sony Cybershot digicam and I love it to pieces but there are times I find it a bit bulky to sport around like when I’m just going to the market. I know some might find it weird that I need to have a digital camera with me but I am serious when I say that a handy digital camera is a necessity if you are a blogger. Photos makes blogs all the more interesting not to mention the crowd it brings. Almost half of my site visitors for my other blogs find me from searching for images!

Anyway, I really hope I would not break the exercising habit coz at least now I’ve been consistent with it for the past month. Two more months to go.. =) And I’m looking forward to rewarding myself..

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  1. yes, this challenge and reward is really good, maybe will try that to for myself, hehehe! 🙂 bili na ng bagong camera habang nasa pinas?! hehehe!

  2. ei che, you don’t need to slim down ha. baka liparin ka na ng hangin nyan.. hehe i didn’t buy a cam. di ko pa naachieve goal ko. though i bought a netbook. hehe

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