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Changes, Changes

You know its totally a trite thing to say, but really the only permanent thing is change.

And there’s bound to be a couple of changes for this blog soon! One, I’m definitely moving this to another host and server because of the issues I’ve mentioned in my post. I’ve done my homework, analyzed the data with analytic tools and I went ahead and made the decision to move. It’s gonna be a big change and for sure there will be a few hours of downtime here soon.

Also, the site lost its PR. 🙁 Why Google, why? Ha! But I don’t really worry about that much. Its the least of my worries, right now. I’m pretty sure I’ll get that back in a few months time. Heh. Confident me.

And also I’ll be revamping the total look of this site. I’ve been sporting this theme for the past year and I love love it. But I think its time for something fresh. Well see about implementing those cosmetic changes soon.

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