Cheap But Very Chic Knotted Multi Strand Necklace

I’ve been checking out my previous posts and it seemed I missed out posting on my ‘Pretty Things on Sale’ category. **Sigh!** I’m getting so forgetful but I do plan to rectify that tomorrow. You’ll definitely be having your weeks fill of some things on sale..

Anyway, right now I’m not feeling so well, like I’m about to have flu and my body is aching all over. I decided to stay in bed and not go out to brave the scorching heat here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. So here I am now sitting in bed, with my good ole laptop and browsing shops for some nice, really feminine finds..

Here’s one accessory that I found. Cara Accessories Knotted Multi Strand Necklace for only $18! That’s a steal considering good quality accessories comes with steep prices nowadays. Even this one has an original price tag of $38 but its now only sale so you can grab it at just $18 at Nordstrom.

cara knotted multi strand necklace

cara knotted multi strand necklace

cara knotted multi strand necklace

All strands of tiny glass beads, gathered into a knot. Available in Gold, Black/Silver, Ivory/Gold.

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