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Chick Blogger’s Favorite Domain Name Generators

I build websites for a living. For me, its not just work, its fun and its a challenge too.

Having built dozens of sites already mostly for my own online business as well as for clients, thinking up of names sometimes prove to be difficult. Considering that there are millions if not billions of websites out there competing for a web surfer’s attention, one must pick a catchy and brand-able domain name.

For example, if I want to build a site around toyota seat covers niche, then I will try my best to look for a domain name that would be catchy, memorable and also very important for us, SEO friendly.

Thankfully there are online generators there to help me fast track thinking up a domain name. First things first, you must have an idea of what your site will be. A main keyword or niche would be a great starting point. Then I usually use any of these domain name generators to come up with various combinations..

  • Dot-o-Mator – by far my favorite. I love playing with the combinations and from here I usually come up with some very web sounding domains. ¬†You can easily add beginning and ending words to your main keyword and come up with great domain names.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Impossibility – another good domain name generator. You can add in adjectives/verbs/nouns to your main keyword.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Bust a Name – a good domain idea generator. Just make sure you click on the tab – Domain Maker.
Best Domain Name Generator
  • Randomainer – generated names are not as flexible and extensive as the one’s above, but still they come up with something unique from time to time.
Best Domain Name Generators
  • Stuck Domains – another favorite. This is one is slightly different as it searches for a expired domains. These are great domains to grab and you can find some recently expired domains that are still indexed and with a lot of incoming links making your SEO work a bit easier.
Best Domain Name Generators

There are a lot more domain name generators out there but I just picked the one’s above as my favorite’s coz I wanted sites that offer variations and ideas rather than just limited combinations and TLD search on name registrars which is really not much of help when thinking up new names.

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