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Finally, I’m adding in a category about another thing I really enjoy – reading chick lit! I’m a book junkie. You can easily give me a truckload of books (in any genre) and I would be content to just be in some corner, curled up, reading. Even for weeks.

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One of favorite book genres would be – chick lit. Some people might dismiss it as too ‘flighty’, unsubstantial reading, but I don’t care an iota. What I love about modern chick lit is that the characters are very relate-able. You can easily identify with these women heroines and a lot of these characters are multi-dimensional. And one big characteristic of chick lit – humor!

Most of the chick lit I have read are really light, very funny books. A lot of them are inspiring and motivational and with a dash of romance in some. I also love the fact that these books touch on issues and concerns we, women experience in reality, like…shopping?! hahaha really, but a lot of chick lit books touch on themes like marriage, family relationships, career for women, and a whole lot of other things. It’s lighthearted and usually a fun fun read.

I know chick lit’s are really not too serious, maybe some would call it ‘light’ but then we always need variety in life. For one,  I like reading this kinds of books after I just finish a heavy suspense thriller. It makes for variety and set a different tone and mood. Lol. I don’t wanna be forever in the ‘thriller’ mode you know. And lastly, I read it because I need a laugh, to relax and to just enjoy.

So before you dismiss chick lit as fluffy, do grab one and have a read. You might end up really having a great time.

Anyway, as I blog more, I’ll be featuring books I’ve read and adding in some thoughts. Mind you, I will not be making full book reviews, simply blabbing on what I liked and not liked about a particular book. I think I’m too scattered brained to actually write up a coherent review hahaha..

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