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Chocolate Indulgence Gift Box

Will somebody give this to me? A box of chocolates!  I should ask hubby to read this blog, but uggh I think this site is just too feminine for him though I think it’ll do him a world of good to take a peek at my posts so he can get ideas on what to give me hmm.. =)

Anyway, this came to mind because one of my closest cousin is celebrating her birthday and I’ve been thinking of what to give her. Of course, I’d want to give her something she could indulge in so I asked myself, what’s a really sinful indulgence that I have a hard time staying away from?

The answer… nope not designer goodies, not spa and pampering. My answer would be chocolates!!! They are just heavenly, for a constant dieter like me anyway.  Thankfully, cousin D is just like me. Crazy about chocolates. The difference though is that I prefer dark chocolate while she prefers the milky white chocolate. So, I’ll be sending her a bunch of chocolates plus when I visit her in July, I promised to bring her a box of Royce Nama chocolates since I’ll be dropping by Singapore.

Harvey Nichols Chocolate Indulgence Gift Box

Incidentally, I came across the Harvey Nichols Chocolate Indulgence Gift Box. The description is enough to make me drool..

Indulgent and deliciously decadent, this Harvey Nichols Chocolate Indulgence Gift Box contains many of our favourite chocolate delights. The Harvey Nichols Hot Chocolate is made with heavenly Valhrona chocolate, to be served stylishly in the iconic Harvey Nichols Baci di Dama mug. Along with an assortment of chocolate treats, from bars to fudge, to chocolate covered brazils and luscious couveture orangettes, this gift box is an indulgent treat.

I think its just perfect. Except that they only ship in UK. But I’m posting it just the same coz its really a great gift idea..the whole set costing £60.00.

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